Writing business reports are crucial for every business organisation in the world today. These reports serve as the medium to communicate the ideas across different fields and business platforms.

Owing to this fact, today I will talk about Graeter’ Ice Cream case study. This is considered to be the most important and recurrent business report writing assessment task for marketing students.

Having provided high-quality reference assignment solutions of this to students all around the globe, My Assignment Services has helped a lot of students gain comprehensive knowledge on various concepts such as licensing and franchising, marketing mix, elements of marketing environment and more, which are essentially a part of this case study.

Graeter’s Ice Cream Case Study Business Report Questions

Our assignment help experts have dealt with a number of case study tasks and provided reference business reports to students. Firstly, let us see the questions that you will have to answer when you write the solution to Graeter’s Ice Cream case study task. Then, we will show you an approach used by our case study experts.

Question 1: Knowing that Graeter’s competes with multinational corporations as well as small businesses, would you recommend that Grater’s expand by licensing its brand to a company in another country?

In simple words, licensing means that you are delegating authority to someone else to sell your products. To answer the above question, our experts, who provide business report writing services for all subjects, encourage this practice as they feel that licensing is the best way to expand the business of a company in different regions of the world. A product that has a great quality must be circulated around the globe, for which, the role of government is explained in this answer. So, we are for licensing the brand of Graeter’s.

14 Licensing advantages and disadvantages

Question 2: Graeter’s hired management consultants to help improve its training procedures and expand distribution. “I think my cousins and I all have come to realise we can’t do it alone”, says the CEO. Why do you think the management team made this decision? Does the involvement of outside consultants move Graeter’s further from its roots as a family business?

The management team is absolutely correct in involving the consultants from outside the company. This is because, practically, it is not possible to manage such a huge team single-handedly. Also, taking help from such skilled people does not mean that Graeter is moving away from its roots as a family business. The main people involved in the process are from the family itself and delegating roles and responsibilities in a firm is also an important step. The case study assignment answer for the question given above revolves around this factor.

Question 3: Do you agree with Graeter’s decision to stop franchising? Explain your answer.

Franchising is a core element in business which means that you are permitting someone else to duplicate your business in some other region of the world. Though you will receive a fee from the person who is the franchising agent for your firm, and in the case of Graeter, it is the right step to stop franchising because, since the time the company started in Australia, it has focused on its unique manufacturing process.

Also, the use of simple and natural ingredients is prime in the case of Graeter’s. Because of these steps, the firm has been able to establish a reputation in the world. Therefore, if the franchising agent does not maintains these steps, the reputation of the brand will be at stake.

Question 4: What are the elements of Graeter’s marketing mix?

As a marketing student, you would definitely know what a marketing mix constitutes of. It is a combination of flexible tactics or actions that help a firm to promote its brand in the global market.

The 4Ps in the marketing mix are:

  1. Price
  2. Product
  3. Promotion
  4. Place

Our management experts define each of these in the Graeter’s Ice Cream case study business report writing assessment answer and devise out a robust marketing mix for the organisation.

Question 5: Which are most likely to be affected by external forces in the marketing environment?

After we have obtained the perfect marketing mix for this firm, we study and analyse the marketing environment of Graeter and try to find out the external forces that affect it along with the solutions to mitigate their effect.

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4 Effective Tips For Crafting a Robust Business Report

Now that you are aware of the brief approach that our experts use in these assignments, it is time for us to let you know of some of the tips that will surely help you in drafting an effective business report. Following are the tips devised by our team who provides business report writing services to students:

1. Define your purpose

For any business report, the most important step is to identify the purpose. This will help you to save a lot of time later. You can use different investigative writing strategies to go ahead with your report. Under this, you have to give answers to all the ‘Wh’ questions like why, where, who, when, etc.

2. Use concise, active and engaging language

When you use a concise language in a business report, you enhance the legibility of the report. Naturally, the report becomes more engaging with the use of active voice. So, make sure you stick to the word count which is mentioned.

3. Make use of an organised way to promote clarity and coherence

As per our assignment help experts, when the report is presented in a well-formatted and organised manner, there is a coherent flow of ideas that makes it all the more appealing.

4. Edit and proofread

The final tip for you would be to proofread the entire report and edit if required before submitting so that you can easily eliminate the chances of even the tiniest errors to creep in the report.

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