Well, writing an essay cannot be as simple as it seems. Even if your paper is not lengthy, you might need help from essay writing experts to make it easier for you. Today, we are going to discuss one of the trickiest essay assignment tasks given to students recently, which was on the topic, “The Civil War And Reconstruction”.

In this blog, you will find all the useful information for writing a masterpiece essay on this historical topic. And, if you don’t have sufficient time for the essay assignment, then rest assured as the best essay writing service is available here to cheer you up.

Let’s talk further about what this essay assignment includes.

Essay 1: The Civil War And Reconstruction

It is a 3-4 page essay and should be cogent, include arguments, and use particular historical evidence. You need to attempt any one question from the given options, i.e., “New Birth of Freedoms”, and “Douglass view on Lincoln” for your essay.

Option 1: Abraham Lincoln made a powerful, dramatic, and succinct presidential address in Pennsylvania on 19th November 1863. The dubbed two-minute speech captured his hope is like:

New Birth of Freedoms

Based on the above speech, you need to prepare an essay based on the question, “To what degree did America’s “great civil war” and the changes that it wrought – including emancipation, Reconstruction, and the Constitution’s amendment – constitute a “new birth of freedom” for Americans?”

Our essay assignment help providers suggest that you focus on the history of the Civil War and Reconstruction periods rather than Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address” while answering the above question. This way, you will have sufficient information to write the essay too.

Option 2: Douglass’ view on Lincoln

On 14th April 1876, Frederick Douglass provided an expression of gratitude for freedom in which he said:

Douglass’ view on Lincoln

Now, after you finish reading the above speech, you are required to answer the following question:

Considering Douglass’ speech, do you think Abraham Lincoln should be celebrated as "Father Abraham," the Great Emancipator? What does Douglass mean “Abraham Lincoln saved for you a country?

As per the essay writing experts in Australia, this particular answer should focus on providing historical evidence of the Civil War and Reconstruction periods to challenge or support the claims and ideas developed by Douglass.

As we have said earlier, students are required to answer either of the questions. Therefore, with this blog, we have tried to illustrate all the useful information and steps that can help you to deliver a perfect essay on the civil war and reconstruction.

Approaches To Solve Douglass’ View On Lincoln

The experts who provide essay assignment help in Australia suggest that you first prepare an outline and then work toward the final copy. This will help you to be on the right track throughout the process of writing the civil war and reconciliation essay. Your outline will include a thesis statement that must be clear and explains the argument, a clear sentence for every body paragraph, evidence adequate and quotations for each paragraph, describing how the evidence supports your argument, etc. However, here are additional tips that you can use for preparing the essay:

  1. Your essay must include a thesis that is specific, concise, and arguable argument related to history. While writing an analytical essay, your key role is to provide arguments about history rather than focusing on describing it. Do remember that the thesis is generally written at the end of the introduction part.
  2. Prepare your argument with precise and clear topic sentences. It should be placed at the beginning of each body section.
  3. To write a strong historical essay, it becomes important to provide clear communication. Double-check the vocabulary, grammar, syntax, tone, and sentence structure.
  4. Use instances of specific and detailed evidence including specific names, dates, acts, facts, and statistics.
  5. Keep in mind to quote the primary source once you introduced and contextualised the argument clearly. Illustrate richness and in-depth to your argument by supporting them with proper evidence.
  6. Our essay assignment help experts suggest that you include counter-evidence in your thesis.

Writing An Academic Essay: Step-by-Step

An academic essay whether it is analytical, persuasive, narrative, etc, are aimed to induce readers about the essay. Students must understand that writing an essay is not a linear process and it can vary as per the requirement and question. Nevertheless, here are the basic steps for writing an essay.

Understand the question and find the key terms
Develop a thesis statement
Research relevant materials. Use journals, books, educational websites, and other credible and reliable academic sources
Take notes and create a road map for your essay
Organise your ideas logically and write the first draft including introduction, body, and conclusion
Read and re-read to find mistakes
Make necessary corrections in your essay before finalising it
Include citations and references properly as required by the professor

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