Assignment of the Week: EDUB2724 English Assessment Answers

Assignment of the Week: EDUB2724 English Assessment Answers
December 02, 2019
Author : Celina

EDUB2724 English assessment, a task which incorporates a total of four questions, is our assignment of the week. These assignments are immensely important as they contribute towards the holistic development of students, who are the future teachers of our nation. Owing to writing the EDUB2724 English assignment solution, I will help you understand some vital concepts under this topic so that you can draft it exactly the way your professor is expecting it to be!

Important Concepts That You Must Know Before Beginning to Write the EDUB2724 Assignment Answer

The first step that you need to take for writing any kind of assignment is to become familiar with the important concepts that play a role in writing the answers. You can ask an English assignment help expert to guide you on the concepts involved in this particular assignment. Have a look at the EDUB2724 assignment questions below that we have attached and their corresponding concepts as well.

1. Invitational modelling

Invitational modelling Invitational modelling is an approach to studying education. It aims at establishing a complete environment of the school. Based on this model, the question that has been discussed above needs to be solved. The primary goal of an invitational model is to make a student capable, valuable, and responsible. It streamlines the communication channels in schools, that in turn promotes human development. The goal of this model is to help students work together and build their character, which contributes to promoting their democratic life. Our English assignment writers have categorised into three distinct foundations below.

The democratic ethos

According to the democratic ethos, it is believed that each and every person matters. This is why they deserve to take part in self-rule.

The perpetual tradition

This tradition states that people are affected more with their own perceptions of the event rather than the actual events. This is because every individual views different events through separate personal and cultural filters.

Self-concept theory

This is manifested when an internal dialogue is going on, also known as the “whispering self”. Naturally, this theory encompasses various learned beliefs that are explained further with the help of invitational modelling.

2. Attitudes and personal traits of teachers

Being a teacher is not a cup of tea for every student. This is because certain attitudes and personality traits need to be present in them so that they are able to promote quality education to their students. Owing to this fact, this is the second EDUB2724 assignment question that is in the assessment task that we have recently solved for the reference purpose of students. Attitudes and personal traits of teachers To answer this question, you can take reference of the three traits below:
  1. The ability to establish meaningful relationships with students
The basic requisite for being a good teacher is to be able to build the trust of students. This is very important and crucial in establishing a productive learning environment.
  1. Patient, caring, and kind
A teacher who is a compassionate and sensitive person is far easy to approach than the one who is just into herself. Plus five points to the teachers who have this trait!
  1. Knowledge of learners
This is a broad area that covers the cognitive, social, and emotional mindset of students. Therefore, using this character trait we define many areas that come into the broad umbrella of this topic.

3. Verbal and non-verbal communication

The exchange of information between a student and teacher is the key to a positive and productive classroom learning. Thus, under this topic, our English assignment help experts talk about the various contributors that affect interpersonal communication at different levels. Verbal and non-verbal communication For instance, we talk about emotional and cultural intelligence and give examples to depict how these affect the communication process between a student and a teacher. Using multiple communication models, we can easily write the answers to the above EDUB2724 assessment sample.

4. The case study

If you are familiar with all the concepts mentioned in this blog, then you can easily solve the last part of the EDUB2724 assignment, i.e., a case study. case study For a complete and detailed EDUB2724 education assignment solution on this question, or any other assignment question under this topic, you can simply fill the form at My Assignment Services and we would get back to you shortly with the reference assignment solution for the same.

Want Detailed Answers of the EDUB2724 Education Assignment Questions?

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