So it is that time of the year and students all across the globe are charged up to apply for their dream colleges. SOP is an integral part of every college application in all the top-ranking universities. The acceptance rate of top schools is already low enough to stress about, but admission to top B-schools for MBA is competitive on a different level. One has to face fierce competition to get selected. In such circumstances, if you aim to study MBA away from home, the need for a compelling SOP becomes imperative. Thus, here we present to you secrets behind award-winning SOPs.


Write compelling stories, not repelling statements

Think of it, if your job demanded you to go through thousands of applications. Would you not wish that at least people wrote some interesting stories instead of just statements. It would make your job a lot easier wouldn’t it? Amidst the ocean of mundane applications, a story would come out as a refreshing cool breeze, leaving the admission committee impressed

Psychologists say that stories excite a visual and sensory response. You don’t have to be a psychologist to know that anyway. But if it is coming from them, it substantiates the need to get creative with your SOP.

So how do you do it though?

  • Include personal experiences
  • Think about your pivotal moments
  • Draw a candid sketch
  • Add a little bit of Passion
  • Build your narrative

Answer Why You Want to Pursue An MBA

Simply telling the admission committee that you are passionate about an MBA or you’re doing it because you want to do it, wouldn’t be enough of a reason to convince them. They want to know what inspires you for the course. Tell them how an MBA would align with your future goals. Substantiate your qualities and relevant education background that makes you a good fit for the program.

Also, top B-schools expect a lot of professionalism. You should deter yourself away from presenting flowery or vague reasons. Try to present detailed insights into your rationale. Stress on the role that the specific university would play in shaping your goals and career objectives.

Highlight Your Achievements and Showcase Your Abilities

To get into a competitive course, it is obvious that applicants would need to prove their mettle. Your application would be compared to thousands of other competent individuals. So use the word count wisely here, and try to fit the exceptional and unique achievements that may set you apart from the others.

You can mention the position of leadership that you held in your college club or an event during your graduation. Try to articulate the content around your potentials and competencies. If you have relevant work experience or assumed any leadership responsibilities during your work, you should definitely include them in your SOP.

B-school also expects applicants to have good communications skills. You should also highlight your interpersonal competence and the ability to collaborate with customers.

Showcase Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Entrepreneurial acumen is one of the most coveted skills that Business Schools look for in an individual. It is a good idea to express entrepreneurial ideas in your Statement Of Purpose. The comprehensive curriculum of an MBA program covers all aspects of Business and highly appreciates pupils with the aptitude to create innovative strategies. The admission committee is always on the hunt for people with fresh entrepreneurial ideas. But be careful while you do it. If your idea presents itself as pretentious, un-innovative or vague, it would turn around to be nothing but a futile effort. You may enter into the specifics or you chose to not to. But try to sound precise, accurate and confident.

Talk About Your Gap if Any

If you have any gaps during your education, they would obviously reflect in your CV. Because gaps are uncommon, it is highly probable that the admission committee would be looking for a justification for the gap in your vocational pursuit. Use SOP as an opportunity to justify that and make it reflect positively on your applications. Admission committee would probably want to know what you did during your gap year? How did it contribute toward your learning?

Conduct Thorough research

Before you make a final draft, compare your SOP with the rest of the sample SOPs and evaluate where your SOP stands in contrast to the ones available on the internet. Try to take inspiration from the best ones and add a unique touch to your SOP. Get an idea of the writing styles and the structure before you begin your process of revising your drafts.

Seek Professional Help

Even with all the resources on the internet, It might still be daunting to bring out the best in your SOP. Thus, there is no harm in seeking a little bit of advice from SOP writing service providers. Refer to a counsellor or look for a professional SOP writing expert. They will be more than happy to provide you with an impressive SOP.

Now that you have all the tips. It is your turn to get on writing something. Make a few drafts before you start expecting anything out of it. It is probable that you will have to go through a few cycles of editing and drafting before you could get anything concrete on your hand. As an ending note, we’d want to wish you the best of luck for your journey. If you need some help with SOP even after the tips and hacks, feel free to contact us. That’s all mates, hope you have a great time ahead.

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