Cultural competence can be defined as the ability to understand, transmit, and effectively interact with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. It requires the knowledge along with the understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander customs, cultures, and histories and highlighting authentic respect for Islanders, and taking actions in a culturally safe and related way. It is important if we are willing to work with people coming from different cultural backgrounds. People are diverse in culture in a wide range of attributes including gender, ethnicity, socio-economic background, intellectual ability, sexual orientation, etc.

GLAM Peak looks to develop a strong relationship between Indigenous peoples and Australia's libraries, galleries, museums, and archives by increasing employment for indigenous, creating a culturally competent workforce, consultation & engagement, and make sure culturally related management for indigenous collections.


What Are The Different Components Of Cultural Competence?

Cultural competence underlines three major issues for practitioners who intend to be culturally competent. These issues are explained by experts providing nursing assignment help in Australia:

  • Cross along with his fellow writers says that cultural competence is comprised of behavior, attitudes, and knowledge.
  • They describe cultural competence as a skill that requires to be expressed in behavior as the ability to function effectively across inter-cultural contexts.
  • Cultural competence covers individual professional behaviors that are involved with systems and organisations.

Due to this vital interaction, cultural competence can be broken down into different elements such as Attitude, Knowledge, Awareness, and Skills.

Awareness: It is critical to inspect a variety of qualities and convictions to perceive profound stereotypes and prejudices which make hindrances for learning and self-improvement. Most of us have vulnerable sides with regards to our values and beliefs can be helpful in revealing them.

Knowledge: The more information we have about individuals of various societies, the more we can abstain from stepping on culturally diverse toes. Realising the ways in which culture impacts critical thinking, overseeing individuals, requesting help, etc can be helpful to be associated with culturally diverse co-operations.

Skills: An individual can have the "right" attitude, generally self-awareness, and sufficient knowledge about social contrasts yet, you lack the skill to successfully oversee contrasts. If you do not have the ability to practice, your awareness and knowledge are inadequate to evade and oversee culturally diverse landmines.

Attitude: Beliefs and values affect the culturally diverse effectiveness as they pass on the extent to which we are available to contrast opinions and views. The stronger we have values and beliefs, the convictions and qualities, the more we will respond sincerely when they slam into social differences. For instance, White Americans and people of color generally have various qualities and beliefs about equality and diversity; the distinctions are, the consequence of exceptionally unique presentation to persecution and discrimination.

Cultural competence allows an individual to work in a culturally diverse organisation in an effective way. A group of individuals and organisations can be more competent in a cultural manner.

For example, a healthcare organisation (culturally competent) provides the following:

  • Staff who are culturally diverse and consider the societies served
  • Offers training about the language and culture of the people
  • Instructional literature and signage in the language of the clients and strong with their cultural norms
  • Particular healthcare settings in a cultural manner
  • Policies and procedures
  • Uprightness in promotion and retention
  • Affinity groups

From an individual point of view, cultural competence offers:

  • Translators who speak different languages as per the client's language
  • Have the capability to recover from certain necessary cultural collisions
  • Cross-cultural skills
  • Decision-making
  • Have knowledge of cross-cultural differences
  • cross-cultural communications
  • Values and beliefs
  • Management skills
  • A better understanding of stereotypes and personal biases
  • Leadership commitment

From the above details provided by the nursing assignment help expert, it can be noticed that the organisational level, practices like retention and policies are covered in cultural competence. Cultural competence brings down the inequities in terms of retention, promotion, healthcare delivery, service delivery, and health risks and also protects organisations legally.

In addition to health care, cultural competence also leads to reduce the number of cultural conflicts that generally take place and impact the inevitable surface. When there is an enhance in cultural competence, it promotes a collegial and productive workplace including both more competitive and legal protection and an innovation environment.

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