7th June 2020 Is World Food Safety Day And It’s Everyone’s Business

June 07, 2020
Author : Bill

In a sequel to the successful 2019 edition; #WorldFoodSafetyDay (WFSD) 2020 as mandated by WHO will be observed and celebrated on 7th of June to raise awareness about food-borne risks to public health and to extend knowledge on the importance of #healthydiet. Across all continents, numerous digital education programs about #foodsafety will be conducted under the theme: Food Safety; Everyone’s Business. The event is a global celebration to raise awareness and to honour the latest innovation in #food safety and sustainable agricultural practices. WFSD Banner It may sound trivial to be discussing an issue of food safety when a morbid plague like disease; COVID-19 pandemic is thriving amongst us but it is an important matter and critically affects each one of us. Assignment help experts, including myself at My Assignment Services have mentored hundreds of university students in completing their #Food Safety Assignments while laying out only accurate information. We are well aware that the pedagogue whom we are mentoring today will soon be decision makers in the food industry or with related statutory bodies. We are simultaneously initiating knowledge campaigns about how to keep your food safe in the Corona Pandemic?

How My Assignment Services help educate students about #Food Nutrition and Safety?

While proofreading numerous case studies for scholars of upper study programs such as Msc in Food Safety and Nutrition, Masters in Public Health and Food Safety, we have helped students from top universities in Australia, USA, UK and Canada to understand the empirical evidence available on #foodsafety practices through peer-review journals and bonafide research reports. The education that we lay-out not only enables students to score better grades with Food Nutrition assignments, but our experts spend significant time during live sessions with students to make them aware of the real facts. For instance, how many Australians wash their hands before eating their meals? The answer is about two thirds only. The percentage of citizens who don’t wash their hands after going to the toilet is even lower. Food Nutrition Assignment Help that we provide to students often involve Public Health Policies and Nutrition Guidelines as mandated by Governments. We ensure that students are made aware with scientifically backed and factual data. My Assignment Services being one of the pioneer online assignment services in Australia, UK and USA and we take the business of mentoring the progressive scholars at top universities very seriously. Over the course of the last ten years, we have never faltered in this task.

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How to safeguard our food while CoronaVirus is at large?

Everyone’s asking about it but nobody has concrete answers. The Food Industry and citizens in general admittedly lack the scientific information and evidence about the subject. WSFD 2020 is a marquee event to spread awareness about how to prevent and detect food adulteration at production level and what should be done to virus proof your food products before you consume them or bring them inside your homes.

COVID-19 Food Safety Advice

As we struggle to resume normalcy in our lives while fighting the pandemic, remember that if your are returning to your job or eating in public places, practice these cautions:

  • Avoid using shared or common cups and other utensils  in offices. Carry your own mugs, plates and cutlery.
  • Refrain from using shared microwaves and refrigerators. You may try using insulated containers for keeping the food hot and mirror flasks for keeping your drinks cold.
  • And as the drill goes, wash your hands frequently and rigorously before consuming your food.

Why Celebrating World Food Safety Day is of utmost importance?

You are what you eat. The quip holds true but with so much looming over our busy lives, we often tend to ignore some basic hygiene that must be ;practiced with food consumption. The Food Safety Information Council; which is an accredited health promotion charity in Australia have highlighted some facts in this context:

  • More than 4 million cases of food poisoning are reported each year in Australia on an average which translates to over 31000 people being hospitalized with severe symptoms and a total of 1 million visits to the doctors with ailments related to spurious food products that have a processing or a storage shortcoming.
  • Over 65% of Australians have no knowledge whatsoever about optimum temperature needed to cook food items such as eggs which may easily be contaminated with Salmonella.
  • Almost 30% of Australian households have 1 person who is at the heightened risk of getting ill due to food poisoning especially expecting mothers and senior citizens.

These are real facts that the organisers of World Food Safety Day aim to counter and educate industry professionals Mishaps owing to misinformation can be easily avoided through public and industry reach programs. WFSD is a global campaign aimed at transmitting correct information about how to prevent and detect unsafe storage and processing practices in #food production and safety.  The event day is laden with numerous offline and online initiatives to educate industry and people globally, about what actions can prevent and detect food adulteration. Various activities on WSFD also aim to inspire about economic prosperity and better nutrition to the human population at large. As responsible citizens, we should sincerely partake in the World Food Day 2020 event and strive to spread awareness about a critical issue such as FoodSafet.? Participate in campus discussion boards or digital workshops surrounding the event and don’t forget to post your comments below. Thank you for reading.

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