6NH066 Enhancing Safety and Quality of Care For Young People
July 27, 2020
Author : Keith Morris

Nursing is a profession that deals with providing care to people undergoing treatments or therapies. It is for sure a fulfilling profession, both career-wise and financially. But Nursing as a subject can get hard as it includes copious amounts of exams, practicals, theories, and assignments submissions. 

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Why Enhancing Safety and Quality of Care For Children is So Important

Young People Are More Prone To Injuries, Mental Trauma, and Infections

child’s health

While we casually joke that children are very resilient and they can bounce back from infections, bruises, and mental trauma, it is a matter of serious concern if they are not subjected to proper care and treatment when they fall sick. A primary reason is that their immune systems are under development, and sometimes even minor infections could fatally harm a child’s health. 

Even trivial infections like ear and nose infections, if not treated on time, can cause permanent damage to their hearing and can also cause hearing loss in children. Likewise, bones and tissues of children are more prone to breaking or bending after a fall as they are not fully developed. 

It is important for healthcare professionals to properly address the demands and needs of the developing bodies of the young ones. They would need a different treatment option, therapies, and different routes of diagnoses. 

Their Developing Bodies Needs Monitoring!

Developing Bodies Needs Monitoring

The medical needs of growing children vary drastically as they grow. From being a newborn to being toddlers, their medical expenses, treatment plans, and risks to different diseases change at unprecedented rates.

They need to be checked by healthcare professionals constantly, you might risk some preventable illnesses to be left undiagnosed. In some cases, untreated illnesses like allergies can make children unnecessarily feel sick perpetually. In more severe cases, diseases like sickle cell anaemia can get worse with time due to a lack of proper care and treatment. 

Dental health is a matter of prime concern while growing up. It needs to be addressed to ensure that children grow up to possess a healthy and strong smile. Regular visits to dentists and physicians may help prevent diseases and ensure that they grow up regularly with fully developed and capable maintenance systems of the body that would help them achieve high in life. 

Young People Are Changing The Globe! They Need To Be Healthy To Lead The Change 

Young People across the globe are revolutionizing lives and bringing rigorous reforms to society. Though the previous generations have left the younger generations with scarce resources and overly populated landmasses, young people across the globe are participating in politics, activism, and more to help create a better world for their future generations. 

Here are some inspiring stories from across the globe of young people reading the change!

Zero Hunger: Young people like Mercy, Shetuuka and Gretta Thunberg are all working towards the goal to eliminate world hunger. One such inspiring story emerges from the remote villages of Namibia. Mercy and Shetuuka, the two young kids of the village are helping villagers build their own drip irrigation system to facilitate better yield of crops. 

Young people like Mercy, Shetuuka and Gretta Thunberg from the village of Namibia

Their efforts yield over a hundred thousand dollars every year in terms of potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and other produce. Their efforts alone have made food available to more than 30% of the population of the area. 

Here is a picture of them at work: 

Reforming Education 

Reforming Education

Did you know that one-third of the children in Afghanistan don’t ever get to go to school? Here is a third-grader Bahara who is helping more and more students to enroll themselves in school. She is spreading awareness in the society and building bridges to help children reach school.

Making Clean Energy Affordable!

Max and Dariya were just 14 when they won 3rd place for their science project. Now they are in their 9th grade in Kyrgyzstan and working on making a part of their school to be fully off of the grid by leveraging clean energy technologies. The school has already begun to save over 30% in heating and electricity bills with their initiative and have prevented over 103 tonnes of carbon emissions from being disposed of in the air. Glad that you have followed us till here. Mentioned above were some Inspiring stories of Young People that are changing the globe. 

The Future of Planets depends on the Younger generation. Safety and Quality of care of young ones are of utmost importance. 6NH066 Enhancing Safety and Quality of Care of Children is one subject in Nursing that deals with this. The subject is ever demanding and includes copious amounts of assignments. 

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Keith Morris

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