Have you been struggling with websites which charge an outrageous amount of advance payment but do not deliver the right assignment writing service? Here is what you probably missed out doing, before availing the service:

1. Phone Number

More often than not, you will find virtual numbers on websites of assignment help companies. If you see a WhatsApp icon as well, there is a fair chance that the provider is not from your country. Ensure that you know that they actually belong to the place that they are claiming to be from.

phone number

Smart Tip – Consider asking the agent to share their location if they are chatting with you on WhatsApp. This way you will be sure that you know the location of the person to whom you are going to pay in advance and essentially trust them to do your job right.

2. Connect with the Writer

Insist on talking to the person who will do your task. The agents that respond to your e-mails or answer your calls are not likely to be the ones that will also do your task. Always ensure that you connect with the person who is actually going to write your assignment over a call. This way you can conduct a mini interview to ascertain whether you have hired the right resource to do your task.

connect with writer

Smart Tip – Do not blindly trust the provider based on the big promises that he/she will make before you shell out your money. Be sure and ask questions! If the person gets irritated because you are asking too many questions, then you are probably not choosing the right assignment help service provider.

3. Always Double Check Before Submitting

You can’t solely rely on the submission that you have received in your e-mail. This is a big NO NO! There can be cases where you have received a good solution from an assignment help website in the past and you trust them the next time and you submit without checking the work properly. Most websites work with a big pool of experts and it is more than likely that your task is given to an expert who is not as good as the last one. Ensure that you check the work properly against the marking criteria, run it through plagiarism check and most importantly, check whether it clearly relates to the learning objectives of the assessment.


Smart Tip – Get your senior colleague/lecturer to proofread the work for you and give a detailed feedback on your submission before you officially submit the work to your university. You can then ask for revision from the service provider should you see any deviation from what is expected.

4. Take Live Session from the Expert

A real assignment writing help service provider will also give you the option to have a one on one learning session with the expert and enhance your level of knowledge. Paying money to get your work done is one thing. However, not learning anything from it is something that you should not do.

Take Live Session from the Expert

Smart Tip – Websites like www.myassignment-services.com offer Value added services wherein you can have live video sessions with the expert to understand the essence of your assignment. This can help you develop a better understanding of the theoretical concepts that underpin your assessment. Pretty useful when you enter an industry at a managerial level or as an entrepreneur.

5. Don’t Reveal your Exact Deadline

Assignment Help Services relies on humans to comprehend and write and it can’t be done by machines. There are chances that the expert will default on the committed deadline. The only contingency plan that you have for yourself is to keep an adequate time buffer in hand. Ensure that you have sufficient time in hand, should you have to look for an alternate Assignment Help Service provider or make necessary changes to your assignment.


Smart Tip – Don’t blindly believe your service provider when he/ she promises a delivery date. Follow-up with the provider on a regular basis, ask for updates and keep adequate time buffer to deal with a NO SHOW!

6. Don’t Wait Till the Last Moment

Outsourcing your assignment just before its actual submission date forces Assignment Help Service providers and their experts to squeeze your assignment in at the very last moment. In a jiffy to complete the assignment, experts often miss out on essential aspects that form the basis of scoring a High Distinction in an assignment. Ensure that you allow adequate time to your chosen service provider to address specific requirements of your assignment.


Smart Tip – Don’t wait for the last moment to outsource your assignment. It will cost you more and will not leave you with good chances of securing good quality work. Most students know that they will not be able to complete the task themselves right when it is assigned to them. Don’t procrastinate and decide early which service provider to choose.

Happy Learning! :)

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