6 Steps For Writing A Winning Scholarship Essay

“There’s something special about earning an admission in your dream college with a well-written scholarship essay”, says Claire, an ex-student at Monash. When it comes to paying a large amount of money to get admission to your favourite university, there’s a better alternative! Considered to be the best form of financial aid for a student, a scholarship is something every student looks up to. Since you don’t need to repay it, do you think it would be so easy to get a scholarship? Let’s face it, writing an award-winning scholarship essay is an overwhelming task; spending sleepless nights and in the end, getting a rejection is not something every student can digest! Hence, the essay help experts at My Assignment Services are here to give you a step-by-step guide to write a beautiful scholarship essay.

Is Your Essay Keeping the Admission Officer Engaged?

Before we get into a detailed discussion about a scholarship essay, let us brief you about those points that probably, every admission officer searches in the scholarship essays that reach them. how should a scholarship essay be_ (1) Now that you know what things to keep in mind, let us get straight to the steps of writing a scholarship essay. If you are unclear with any step, you can contact our essay writers then and there.

Here’s a Step-By-Step Guide for Writing a Compelling Scholarship Essay

Like any other essay that you have been writing for your assignment, you will want your scholarship essay to shine among others, isn’t it? Thus, your essay must have a good “flow” so that the reader can consume and absorb the content with ease. So, here are 7 easy steps for writing a scholarship essay that our essay help experts follow to furnish students with remarkable essays:

Step 1: Focus on the “hook” sentence

Just like you want to “cook” the fish into the fishing rod, you also wish that the reader gets convinced and accept your scholarship essay, don’t you? Then, remember to pay extra attention to the opening sentence in your essay. That’s where your essay will either get approved or rejected. So make sure that you are true to yourself and bring out the ultimate goal that you wish to fulfil with the course you are applying for by diving into the prospects of the course.

Step 2: Don’t deviate from the five-paragraph essay format

This is an undeniable fact that every essay writer advises students to follow the 5-paragraph essay format. This is because it is tried and tested format that is accepted in every university, for all types of essays. So, even if you have a relatively loose essay structure, if you follow this format to write your scholarship essay, then it will bind your scholarship essay and give it a clear introduction, body paragraphs and a solid conclusion.

Step 3: Segregate each idea under a new paragraph

Imagine yourself at the position of the admission officer who will assess your essay. Wouldn’t it be convenient for you to read and understand short paragraphs than to be burdened with whopping paragraphs? So, make sure that you discuss each new idea in different paragraphs to make it an easier read for the officer!

Step 4: Know the prompt and stick to it!

Even if you require to read the prompt several times, there’s no harm in doing it. You need to get acquainted with the prompt thoroughly to know what is the purpose of your scholarship essay. There are so many themes that a scholarship essay can talk about, so before you begin writing yours, know what you are supposed to write. Our essay help experts advise students to change the prompt into a question if it is not in that form. Naturally, your mind would meander, however you need to keep it in control and stick to address the prompt.

Step 5: Stay focused while wrapping up your essay

What students do is they stay focused while writing the scholarship essay, but let it loose in the concluding part. This is where their essays get rejected. This is because when it comes to writing a scholarship essay, you cannot afford to give it a dead-end. An essay writer always rounds it out in the conclusion. This means that the conclusion section of your essay must answer the prompt of your essay. For instance, you can answer why you wish to pursue a specific course etc.

Step 6: Appeal to the ethos, logos and pathos

What you don’t know about them? These are some techniques with which you can persuade your readers. Let us quickly brief you about these. As per our essay help experts,

  • Ethos is the method by which you establish the authority on the points that you discuss in your essay.
  • Pathos is how you appeal to the emotions of the readers with the help of your story.
  • Logos is how rational or logical is your point

So, you can make use of these techniques to enhance your scholarship essay. Pro tip: As a thumb rule, make sure to be clear of the word limit for your essay. If you are ignorant of these parameters, then your scholarship essay would not get approved by the assessor.

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