6 Reasons Why You Face Obstacles In Choosing Process Writing Topics

February 18, 2019
Author : Celina

Essay writingis an essential academic part that the students are not able to part with. Choosing process writing topicsis a skill as crucial as writing a process essay. Therefore, a lot of students search for online guidance and a list of possible topics to write about. Here is why choosing process writing topicsis a challenging task for the students.

1.Not everyone can explain

The entire structure of writing a process essay lies in the concept of explaining. The process has to be explained in a step by step procedure. When the students are selecting their process writing topics, they sometimes do not take into account the fact that they have to write the process. The focus of the topic shifts from a general explanation form to aim-focussed. The explanation of the topics is also a struggle for the students who are unable to differentiate the process essay from the narrative essay. Such process writing topicsare ambiguous to the problem in hand.

2.Not knowing the audience

Knowing the audience and their preference is a must whenever you are writing an essay, process or otherwise. Before you set your mind to conquer the world with your keyboard, think well about the audience your essay is going to serve. Process writing topicsthat do not take into consideration what their audience like end up writing something that goes from “Whoa” to “Boo” real soon. Oh, and by the way, by the audience I do not mean that your essay is going to be an international hit. You need only impress the professor who is reading your essay as well among hundreds of others.

3.Not all process writing topicscan be given an outline

The standard form of essay writing is Introduction, Body and Conclusion. But when we dive deeper into the territories of the body, we find that there are several other components and elements of essay writing. Writing process essays are largely dependent on the process writing topicsthat the students choose. But not every topic can be confined properly in the outline that the essay writing follows. For example, there might be some topics that do not have much history and evidence present. The students should steer clear of such topics.

4.The availability of secondary literature

Whenever you are choosing process writing topics, always make sure that it has sufficient secondary literature available you can form your argument on. The need for secondary literature arises because the probability that you will be asked to write on a topic that is the first time in the history of mankind is literally 0. If you decide to ruin your own happiness by choosing process writing topicsthat are extremely unique, then God save you. The secondary literature is not anything available on the internet. The professors want your search for the ideas to be refined. They want you to read real authors and scientists’ work.

5.Creativity v/s objectivity

Whether you can be creative in your essay or you need to be objective, it has always been a topic for debate. Process writing topicsare also no different. The internal conflict is not yet resolved. When you are explaining the process of something, you can choose to be completely formal, as if you are preparing an international standard manual. On the other hand, you can also choose to be creative with your ideas and draw up metaphors, etc. in the10 Reasons Why You Face Obstacles In Choosing Process Writing Topics content. But a warning, always confirm it with the professor beforehand. Whatever the ruling of the court is, choose process writing topicsaccordingly.

6.Not all topics can be confined in the word limit

There are many cases when you might feel that the given word count for this assignment is really low. You could have written a 50,000-word book on this. While I understand your feelings, the other students do not. Choose process writing topicsthat can be explained in the limited words your professor has decided. If you are writing a process essay on identifying how to create a big bang again, then you should think again. Such process essays are only great until you start writing on them. You do not want to be in the situation the other way round.

50 Sample Process Writing Topics

  1. How to become a successful blogger?
  2. How to crack college admission interviews?
  3. How to compose an impressive resume?
  4. How to choose academic subjects wisely?
  5. How to tackle sleeplessness?
  6. How to compose case studies?
  7. How to seek emergency medical help?
  8. How to administer first-aid to an accident victim?
  9. How to publish your own novel?
  10. How to increase sales margin?
  11. Step-by-step instruction to using vehicle services
  12. The way alcohol-addiction develop on the example of younger, unemployed male population
  13. Things to include in any dish with broccoli to make it delicious
  14. What is the process of producing oxygen by particular plants?
  15. How does a cup of coffee stimulate the lobes in the brain?
  16. How does a cup of coffee stimulate the lobes in the brain?
  17. How does the decay theory affect the human passage of time?
  18. How does hybridisation occur to create new biological features in human beings?
  19. How does the process of transpiration lead to a loss of water in plant cells?
  20. How do genetic abnormalities spread throughout the body?
  21. How to find the perfect summer job for you?
  22. How best to learn a foreign language using machine learning algorithms?
  23. How to home school your child effectively using classroom management techniques
  24. How does haemostasis occur in the human body?
  25. How to harness interference theory to transfer effects of past learned behaviour?
  26. How to make use of biology to grow organic vegetables?
  27. How to take care of someone who is suffering from a psychological disorder?
  28. How do immune systems function to protect the body?
  29. How does motor learning take place in autistic children?
  30. How to avoid gaining weight in your first year in college.
  31. How to write a catchy number one hit single using bach chorale cadences?
  32. How best to communicate with your boss to take a leave of absence?
  33. How to get rid of a roommate—without committing a crime
  34. How to survive a night of babysitting
  35. How to use Twitter other than for sharing memes?
  36. How to apply the Heimlich maneuver?
  37. How to end a relationship with a psychotic partner?
  38. How to save money while saving the environment?
  39. How to cheat on a test or exam without getting caught?
  40. How to stay sober on a Saturday night?
  41. How to win at Texas Hold 'Em?
  42. How to give positive feedback?
  43. How to conduct a yard sale?
  44. How to get over a disappointment?
  45. How to avoid procrastination?
  46. How to take care of a wound to prevent infection?
  47. How to travel inexpensively overseas?
  48. How to get over writer's block?
  49. How to overcome insomnia?
  50. How to cheat on a test or exam without getting caught?

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