In the present scenario, ‘health and well-being’ have become one of the most trending topics around the globe. With the world facing tremendous repercussions of the Novel Coronavirus, the significance of maintaining health and wellbeing has gained more importance. Over the last decade, our nursing assignment help experts have solved several assignments on health and well-being. But with the rising demand of this unit in the recent few weeks, My Assignment Services has become the leading assignment provider in the UK, constituting of over 2000+ PhD experts in the panel. In this blog, we will discuss the major challenges to health and wellbeing and highlight it with an assignment sample to make the concept clear.

What are social and emotional health and well-being?

Social/emotional health and well-being or simply known as good mental health are one of the most prime concerns of nurses and doctors in the world today. As per our nursing assignment writers, it means the ability to understand one's abilities and balance them with the normal stress in life to work productively. This is imperative to contribute a better living standard in the community. As a community nurse working with small children, there are a few points to consider to promote the social/emotional wellbeing of a child. These include:

  1. Creating safe and sound environments wherein, wellbeing and development is fostered
  2. Helping children learn the ability to manage emotional and behavioural skills
  3. Identifying all those families and children who require additional support
  4. Linking the identified ones with the organisations who support mental health and well-being
  5. Developing and implementing robust strategies to promote social/emotional health and well-being.

Our nursing assignment help experts take all of these factors into consideration to bring out relevant assignment solutions for students concerning this unit.

Promoting Social And Ethical Behavior: An Important Concept

Before we get on with the assignment, it is important to throw some light on an important concept that is involved in these assignments. When students turn to our nursing assignment writers for guidance on them, we first introduce them to a concept known as ‘promoting social and ethical behaviour’. In the sample that we will discuss in the later section of this blog, you will gain a better understanding of this concept. Just like this, we have dealt with several topics and concepts that play a crucial role in writing a 5NH025 assignment answer. If you are unclear with any of the concepts, then you can simply turn to our experts for help.

Three Areas of Social/Emotional Wellbeing

Before we get ahead with the 5NH025 assignment solution, it is important to get an idea about the 3 areas of social/emotional wellbeing. To promote this imperative concept, our nursing assignment help experts highlight the following social wellness checklist and centre the assignments around these points.

1. Make connections

Connecting with people has always contributed to enhancing the social/emotional wellbeing of people. Be it with a family, partner, social connections or with a neighbour, making connections is an important step in promoting the social. the emotional wellbeing of an individual.

2. Taking both the care of yourself and others

A lot of times, we stand for others to help them build their wellbeing. However, in the process, we tend to ignore our health. The stress and anxiety in our day-to-day lives take a toll over the health and mental conditions. Thus, it is important to take care of yourself first and then show empathy for others.

3. Being active

A lot of times, people become inactive and do not take part in regular activities. In the present scenario, our Coronavirus assignment help experts have studied a lot of students who are not that active as they used to be. Thus, it is mandatory to take note of this and become active like before. The way people live, work or move has a big impact on their social-emotional wellbeing. Actively taking part in activities can help enhance it and encourage people to stay healthy. These are some of the concepts that are discussed in 5NH025 assessment answer. Do you want to see our nursing assignment help experts do it? We will present forth you a sample for reference.

5NH025 Assignment Sample Drafted by our Experts

Now that we have talked about emotional/social wellbeing, it is time that we give a quick glimpse over the challenges to social/emotional wellbeing assignment sample that has been drafted by one of our experts recently for the reference purpose of students. 5NH025 assessment answer topic 4 As we discussed above, promoting ethical and social behaviour is one of the concepts that we explain here. This is explained in the context of the Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) community. Exploring the western definition of mental health, our nursing assignment help experts talk about the social and emotional wellbeing of the Indigenous Australians. In addition to this, several other associated concepts have been studied here which include:

  • Difference between social and emotional wellbeing (SEWB) and mental health within the context of ATSI population
  • Principles of primary health care as laid down by the WHO.
  • The application of SEWB within Aboriginal community

This is just a brief discussion of the concepts that we have used to complete the assignment for aiding students. Here is a sample solution written by our experts recently: 5NH025 assessment answer topic 1 5NH025 assessment answer topic 2 5NH025 assessment answer topic 3 Do you wish to get the complete solution for this file? Then, get in touch with us via the live one-on-one sessions and explain all the assignment requirements to us. We will be right back with a new fresh solution shortly!

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