Choosing the right research topic will make or break your research paper. It is important to be mindful of certain considerations while choosing your research topic. If you are at liberty to select what you want to write on, you can get some inspiration from our 50 Latest law Research Topics. One of the most challenging aspects of writing a research paper, thesis or dissertation is selecting an appropriate topic for your dissertation. It is important to select a topic that is engaging, relevant and focused.

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My Assignment Services Has Compiled a List of 50 Latest Law Research Topics to Help You Ace Your Law Research Paper

  1. The essentials of a valid contract
  2. What determines the competence of contracting parties
  3. Critically examine the meaning of “Ratio Decidendi”
  4. The significance of the Habeus Corpus writ in Commonwealth law
  5. The importance of precedents in Tort Law
  6. Evaluate the Rylands Vs Fletcher case in the present context of indirect liability
  7. What is the “basic structure” doctrine
  8. The salient features of the Canadian Constitution
  9. What is the rationale behind the writ; “Mandamus”
  10. Discuss the diverse components of the writ petition
  11. What are the most important requirements of the filing procedure in Canadian courts?
  12. Critically analyze the transfer of property Act.
  13. Discuss the tenancy act in light of the rights of a “tenant”
  14. Critically assess the provisions of the Tenancy Act that benefit the landlord.
  15. Provide a brief description of the most important statutes in the Canadian property law
  16. What is the meaning of no-fault divorce?
  17. How does a person qualify for permanent residence as per the Canadian immigration law?
  18. Evaluate the importance of judge-made laws
  19. What are the discretionary powers exercised by the Canadian courts?
  20. Describe the rights of a legal permanent resident?
  21. Write an elucidative account on the procedures involved in Canadian immigration
  22. Is it mandatory for landowners and buyers to get a geo-assessment?
  23. Discuss the corporate tax structure in Canada!
  24. Discuss the features of the Canadian constitutions that have been borrowed from common law
  25. Discuss the functions of the international court of justice.
  26. Discuss the most relevant Canadian statutes on Maritime Law.
  27. What is Canada’s stand on Euthanasia?
  28. Discuss in detail; Canada’s immigration policies
  29. Critically analyze the prohibition of “Hazardous Construction Materials” law
  30. Discuss the challenges faced by legal education in Canada
  31. What is the best way to write a legal memo?
  32. Does public opinion affect the outcome of cases?
  33. To what extent should the government be accountable to the people
  34. Cite the reasons for the immigrant crisis in Canada
  35. Describe the salient features of Canada’s diplomatic policy
  36. Is the Canadian law marred by a Colonial hangover? Analyze!
  37. Can a will be null and void?
  38. Critically examine the meaning of “cease”
  39. Features of Canadian consumer law
  40. Bankruptcy laws in India
  41. Provide a detailed account of the difference between insolvency and bankruptcy
  42. Difference between divorce and annulment
  43. The brevity of spousal abuse
  44. What is promissory estoppel?
  45. What is an escrow account? Provide a detailed explanation
  46. Describe the important characteristics of the aboriginal law in Canada
  47. List the most important statutory provisions on animal welfare in Canada and provide a brief description of the various provisions
  48. What is the meaning and scope of restorative justice?
  49. Discuss the difference between guardianship and Trusteeship
  50. What is the difference between Bankruptcy and Foreclosure?

If you are confused on how to go about the selection process for your research topic, read on to understand what approach you should follow to arrive at your research topic:

steps for research paper outline

This will help you identify the legal topics that are a part of the current discourse. Writing about current topics may be interesting. However, due to the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of most legal issues, it may become burdensome to find appropriate information about a range of topics.

Choosing Cases Where the Court Has Pronounced a Split Verdict

It is also prudent to choose a topic where the courts have provided a split or open-ended interpretation of the law. It has been seen in many modern-day court cases, especially those concerning national security and integrity that the court gives a split verdict. Many have denounced such verdicts as a miscarriage of justice. However, legal experts argue that in the interest of peace and security, it is the most pertinent to deliver a verdict that suits the sensibilities of the different parties involved. Many cases that provide a split interpretation of the law may also be interesting subjects of legal research as they provide the researcher with tremendous scope for performing groundwork on the unexplored aspects of the legal doctrine.

Assessing the Latest Scholarly Publications

Browsing through legal publications can also be a great place to mine legal research ideas.

Reading through scholarly work on past cases, the judge made laws or precedents can provide the researchers with immense perspective on gathering the insight necessary to choose a suitable legal research topic.

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