University courses seem easy from this side of the table but have lots of technicalities and complexities when it comes to assignment writing.

There are many parameters and guidelines that the students need to follow when it comes to writing a good assignment. Only then will they be worthy enough of securing some really good grades. As a result, the students often get lost in and mix up the assignment requirements. This leads to loss of grades that could have been easily avoided.

So, My Assignment Services offers you a quick guide that you can follow and use in your assignments to improve them significantly.

1. Use of Websites of Government Organisations

Using the websites of the government organisations gives you two advantages; one is that you will get strong examples to back your claims and the other one is that you will be able to write your answers keeping in mind the official requirements of the government in the professional setting for the course.

For example, the registered nurses in Australia have to follow every guideline that is laid out by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) in their professional practice. Therefore, there is an obvious hidden advantage if you are too familiar with the NMBA’s guidelines, the code of conduct for the nurses, the inherent requirements of a registered nurse and many other.

Similarly, you can use the guidelines and rules set by the Department of Finance in your answers for the finance related questions in a business environment.

Be it any course of study, there is always some government department available that is operating in the said field. Sniff around, explore what reports they have presented, what rules and norms they have laid out.

The professors like it when you use professional references in your assignment answers and it also improves the credibility of the assignment answer.

2. Use Diagrams and Graphs More

Any formal document, be it a university assignment report or a business report for a Fortune 500 company, is boring to read. Readers often get carried away to their subconsciousness while reading such documents.

It might happen that the one key argument that you thought will be the cause of a civil war in your university was overlooked by the professor because they dozed off while grading the report.

So, you can improve the readability of your assignment by using relevant images for any incidence, infographics to explain any step in a gist or summarising the points as an overview, graphs to explain and analyse the statistical data or any other such smart art that will reduce the interaction of the readers with plain text.


With a better readability of the assignment, your assignment’s complexity decreases. Consequently, your grades will rise up.

Be sure that you are not mentioning anything that doesn’t deserve to be included in your assignment.

3. Using an Appendix

Let us admit it, the word count sometimes is too less to express everything that we want to include in an assignment file. This happens especially when we have to write a critical reflection or present a report.

Therefore, students have to skip steps and are not able to properly explain everything in the file right then and there.

To eliminate this, you should use appendices in your assignments. With an appendix, you can explain your assignment at an even deeper level without caring about the word limit.

This significantly improves the quality of the assignment as you do not spend words on content that can be explained at a later stage. This provides room to include other arguments as well that previously would have been skipped.

4. Use Examples and Statistics

No argument holds any value or significance unless you are able to support them with anything. As long as it is a statement, it holds no true significance.

It doesn’t matter that you are a nursing student or a student of management, you should always produce examples and statistical data to support whatever statements you are mentioning or the arguments you are presenting.

Using historical examples to support your idea or to rebut the opposite view improves the credibility of your content. Similarly, using government statistics, like the Australian Bureau of Statistics, will improve the authority of the assignment.


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5. Use YouTube As Well For Research

The power of YouTube has overgrown in the last few years. Now, people are using it for many purposes other than watching music videos of their favourite artists.

You can exploit this opportunity and use the power of YouTube in your favour by watching online lectures of international professors from reputed universities like Harvard, Yale, Oxford, and others.


With this, you can create assignments that are accredited by top universities of the world, by the professors who are considered as one of the best in the said subject and will give many new ideas for your assignment.

These five tips can improve the quality and authority of your assignment, thereby, increasing your chances of achieving better grades. For more guidance, you can contact the assignment help experts at My Assignment Services by sending your assignment details to

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