Contemporary nursing issuesare not something of today. According to the 2011 census by Australian Bureau of Statistics, around 257,200 nurses were working in Australia. Out of these, around 80% were registered nurses and 5% were midwives. This number was three times more than the 2001 census. But thecontemporary nursing issueshave not changed. Here I have discussed some of these issues that you should know. These will also come in handy when you have to write your assignments.

#1 Staff Shortage

Every single employer wants that they deploy maximum manpower. And I mean every single employer. Thehealth careindustry is no different. One of the majorcontemporary nursing issuesis the issue of staff crisis. But at the same time, the hospitality industry is suffering from a shortage ofnurses. They are not able to fulfil the demand for the number of nurses. Why is this happening; because the hospital management is investing a good deal of money in updating their facilities.Contemporary nursing issuesare rising and every hospital is aiming to become equipped with the latest technology and medical miracle machines. There are a smaller number of nurses and a larger number of patients in the hospitals. Amidst this, it becomes quite difficult for the nurses to give their best attention and care to every patient. Solvingcontemporary nursing issues, California state of the USA implemented a Safe Staffing RN Ratios Law. Under this law, there has been a rise in the number of registered nurses operating in the state of California. The rest of the world can learn from them.

Well, you can be asked to not at all indulge in chitchatting especially at atime when there islessnumber of employees. You don’t want to incur the wrath of the doctors upon you.

#2FulfillingTheExpectations of Patient

This is also counted in keycontemporary nursing issues. The nurses have to take care of the expectations oftheir patients. The hospitality industry addresses it as a priority.But,this is not an easy task. The nurses have to stay beyond their duty time. They even work overtime extending the working hours in order to fulfil the needs of the patients.Contemporary nursing issuesconsider going out of the way to fulfil patient’s expectations. At the same time, the hospital management holds nurses accountable for the complaints of the patients. This does not take into consideration whether the nurse was responsible or not. As a result, the nurses are exploited across the globe. Hence, the study ofcontemporary nursing issuesis necessary. The health care delivery of the nurses is affected by this action. Consequently, the patients suffer. This is a cycle in which the nurse, hospital management, and patients are caught.

You might tell yourself that you feellike a disappointment sometimes. But trust me, you don’t want to hear it from someone else, especially from a patient you are killing yourself for.

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#3 Decision Making

Decision making has remained one of thecontemporary nursing issuesover the years. Several authors years ago identified that clinical decision making will be essential for the future of professional nursing practice. The nurses have to take decisions in several complex clinical situations. These decisions affect the medical, surgical and critical care areas. Most of the nurses only make basiccontemporary nursing issuesdecisions. These decisions include providing nursing care, psychological support and teaching the patients or their family members. But why is decision makingisan issue; because the role and duties of a nurse are diverse and multidimensional. This varying distribution of duties has a significant effect on the decision making of nurses.Contemporary nursing issues, consequently, count decision making. The nurses have to apply their critical thinking to take a particular course of action. Studies have shown that nurses who indulge in a participatory decision making with the patients are able to make a better decision related to providing health care. Also, when theco-workers suggest inputs, they help solvecontemporary nursing issues. This is because the nurses are able to improve their quality of health services.

Never ever let yourself regret a decision. That does not happen in the hospital world. You are not a character in House MD or Grey’s Anatomy where everything will work out eventually.

#4 Care Coordination

It happens a lot that the costs are high and the care is not of adequate quality. This observation is because of duplication of resources and wastage of resources. The wastage of these resources iscontemporary nursing issues. Hence, there should always be care coordination. For that, the nurses need to apply an effective care management system and other practise models. These models include patient care navigators, transition care coordinators, etc. Whatever be the model, the goal remains the same;ensuring quality care and delivering it. Thesecontemporary nursing issuescan be resolved by the nurses. Because, when they become care managers, patient care navigators or case managers, they demonstrate cost-effectiveness. They will ensure that the patients have the resources they need to get effective treatment at an appropriate level of care. This cost-effectiveness is challenged with technology expansion. That forms another one ofcontemporary nursing issues. If only the nurses could achieve this awesome level of coordination, the clinical world would have been the winner of every Olympic, Commonwealth Games and any other type of tournament.

#5 Technology Expansion

The world is changing and we are investing more in improved technology. This improved technology is used for diagnostic and therapeutic practice. The problem with this arises when the leadershave to balance health contributions of improved technology and the costs associated with thecontemporary nursing issuesof quality of life and access to care. Nurses can play a key role in educating the patients and their families about to cost-to-benefit ratio. This ratio is sometimes quite high for some technologies. As a result, the nurses aid the people in choosing a better alternative solution treatment. Thecontemporary nursing issueswhere nurses have to convince the patients are long aged. For example, patients can choose any pharmaceutical drug. There are ones which are advanced drugs marketed with varying degrees of benefits. Then, there are the ones which are existing less expensive drugs. But, though these generic drugs are cheaper, the patients might not trust them at once. Contemporary nursing issuesrequire the nurse to be a crucial link. This link will educate the patients and other people about the benefits and possible risks associated with using a less expensive drug.

Indeed it is and we are responsible to update ourselves with it. Be sure to take into account the latest technology and stuff in your assignments answers. The professor will like it.

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