13 Reasons Why Courses Develop Leadership Qualities in Students

December 04, 2018
Author : Andy

We all have heard the term leadership. We all read it written in the section of course outcome as ‘To prepare the students for an effective leadership’. We all have seen areas where leadership was displayed by one person or other. But, why leadership qualities in students is important? Why do courses stress so much to develop students to be leaders? Is it because every single person is aiming to become the next Justin Trudeau of their respective countries? No. So, here are 13 reasons why the courses develop leadership qualities in students. 13 Reasons Why Courses Develop Leadership Qualities in Students

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Network Building

The students are going to become the managers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. They need to be in contact with a lot of people and also maintain a relationship with them to be used when needed. Thus, they create a wide network of people who always know someone. You want to be the person “I know a guy who knows a guy that will get the work done” type of person, in a good way obviously.

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Understanding to Wield Power

There is a difference between those who have been entrusted with power and those who snatch power. It is a similar case in the big bad world out there. There are people upon whom the power is entrusted in the form of responsibility and there are those who snatch power by force. When you have leadership qualities embedded into your system, you learn that taking power by force is not going to take you anywhere in the long run.  

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Problem Solving

The people in the corporate world face a number of challenges. Some take only moments to overcome while some might even cause the entire team to go in deep trance. At such a moment, the team members look at the one who is called ‘Team Lead’ for guidance. The team lead then shines their divine light onto the members and vroom, the problem goes away. Oh, we wish it happened like that.

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Believing in Yourself

Why do you think Adolf Hitler, despite being such a ruthless man, was able to amass the fan following of so many Germans? Okay, not a great example. But you see what we are trying to say, right? The first step to becoming a leader is belief. And before you can hope millions of people to believe in your crusade, you must believe in yourself.

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Being Responsible

Okay, we agree that it is not a great thing but its true, eh? We all have to take up responsibility one day or other. We need to take responsibility, accept challenges and make sure that the team is functioning as it should. The casual attitude that you show in group projects will not work in the world out there.

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It is not necessary that to be a good leader you need to tell people of your days in hell and how the pain made you the man you are today. No, leadership like that will not hold for too long. Give people something valuable, someone they can aspire to be. Set examples for them and your university is exactly the place where you can develop yourself to inspire others.  

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Leaders are expected to be good managers and are believed to be the person who was born with 10 hands and 10 brains. You only have 2 hands and 1 brain and there is only so much you can do at one go with these organs. Thus, the university develops you to become such efficient managers and leaders by throwing you under the bus of assignments.

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Identifying Your Own Capabilities

There are many instances where the people are not even aware of what they can do. Take the example of Ant-man. The dude can do so much but what he actually uses the suit for? To grow and shrink. Thus, you will also be caught in a situation where you need to experiment with your abilities and see what all you can do. Such endeavours may be hindered if you don’t have leadership quality and a belief in yourself.

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The Art of War

Business is a war and negotiation is a nuclear missile that you keep handy at all times. When you are at an authoritative position, having to negotiate becomes a part of the regular routine. You need to learn the art of war (or negotiation) and become the almighty king for your team members. For this, universities put the weight of group projects on your shoulders.

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Handling the Fame

Earning fame and recognition is not a big deal in the 21stcentury. The number of followers so-called ‘fitness models’ on Instagram have gained is evidence of that. But not everyone can handle the fame and recognition. If you performed exceptionally in your task as a leader, people are going to drool all over you for sure. But, if you have prior experience with people’s love and jealousy at the university, you can escape the situation unscathed.

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The leaders are expected to be sweet and harsh at the same time. Thus, it is important that you assert yourself in front of the team members, share your thoughts and ideas clearly and tell the needs, concerns and opinions upfront to the other person. The tasks like a debate at university level help in developing the same in the students. Assertiveness

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