We all have done this at least once in our lifetime, haven’t we? Maybe it has completely slipped out of our heads that we have an exam approaching within a few days or we’ve given it all to procrastinating!

‘Cramming’ is studying intensively over a brief period just before an exam or simply putting it, ‘cramming’ is mugging up all the information at the last minute.

When the sword of exam pressure is on your head and cramming becomes the only option, have you ever thought whether it would work or not?

If you are wondering,’does cramming work for exams?’, then you are at the perfect destination! You’ll find the answers in this blog.

Does Cramming Work For Exams?

You will be amazed to know that more than cramming does good to you, it harms your education. A lot of students are chided away for cramming.But, concentrating for such a long time seems to be unappealing to them. Adding this to countless distractions like maintaining a social life, unavoidable and urgent deadlines for assignment submission and engagement in a lot of other important tasks will give you the perfect recipe of a ‘crammer’.

In this situation, cramming is the only logical step which is left, isn’t it? Well, this is the myth that ourassignment writerswill burst in this blog.

First, have a look at this infographic and get to know7 tips for studying for an exam without cramming.


According to our professionals, this well-known process and also the most-highly searched word by students is one of the least effective methods to acquire knowledge on any particular subject or topic, even at the last moment. Why? Ourassignment helpexperts will answer it for you.

  1. Whatever information students cram at the last hour is what they are unable to retain until the end of the examination. Hence, there is no use putting in so much effort in mugging up answers.
  2. While cramming, students do not pay much attention on reciting the deeper details of the topic, which is why they are devoid of an in-depth analysis of the subject. Naturally, the learning process gets undermined in this case.
  3. The process of cramming is not as feasible as it seems to be. When you solely depend on mugging up just a few hours before y0our exam, you tend to face a lot of anxiety and stress. Ultimately, you might get physically or mentally unfit before an exam.

Understood how adversely cramming affects you? Don’t worry, we have got something better in store for you!

A Few Alternatives to Cramming

A lot of you might wonder how conveniently we have shared thepros of crammingwith you. Don’t worry, ourassignment writersdon’t have a habit of leaving students hanging midway. When we have talked about the problem, we also have the solutions ready for you.

Let us give you some easy and practical alternatives for cramming that will not only help you score better but also assist you in grasping the gist of the subject instantly.

These are:

1. Spaced-learning

It is the principle which states that the information/data gets easy to understand when it is divided within brief time frames and subsequently, repeated over and again.

For instance, suppose you have decided to devote 30 minutes on a specific topic, so if you apply spaced-learning instead of cramming here, you just have to split the 30-minutes into three 10-minute study sessions and then repeat it over and again every day, rather than lumping the entire 30-minutes.

As per ourassignment helpexperts, this approach is usually characterised by:

  • Planned mental breaks within frequent intervals to allow time to assimilate
  • Using visual, auditory, didactic and interactive methods to foster longer retention of information

2. Mixing it up

This is the second technique which you can use to replace cramping during your exam preparation. Also known as interleaving, this concept mainly focuses on a single skill or task for a short period and then moving to another and other and then again coming back to the first.

For instance, you have two examinations coming in this week. Rather than mugging up all the topics for one single exam at a go, try the mixing it up technique. When you will switch between multiple concepts and topics, your concentration would get better.

These two techniques might be similar to cramming, but have a better effect on students. Using these, you will witness a gradual improvement in the retention of information for a longer period. Ultimately, you would secure top-notch grades. There are several other tricks and tips as well that can help you tick off all your assignment perils with ease. Want to know all of them? Get in touch with ourassignment writerstoday!

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