Are you pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate studies from Swinburne University? Then you must have been presented to choose the elective CAR10001. Reading the name of this unit, you might have some other ideas about application and need of this unit. But trust me, choosing to study CAR10001 is going to be more beneficial to you than you can imagine.

I am going to tell you what is the need for choosing this unit and why you should study it be it any course you are enrolled in.

First things should be taken care of first. What is the CAR10001 unit about?

Planning for career success is a task which should be instilled in each and every individual right from the time they decide to enter the university. This will help them become ‘The Man With A Plan’. Now, you must be thinking about all the stupid Facebook quotes that you have been seeing for years like “Money cannot buy you happiness” or “Life is like a ship in the storm, you should never know what is going to happen next” or any such other random quote.

Well, kids, I have some sad news for all of you. Planning your career is important if you ever want to fulfil your dream of a world tour, or buying your parents a big house, or repaying that student loan. Did that hurt? Well, it would hurt a lot more if you do not start planning for your career success.

Studying planning for career success gives you the -

  • Skills needed for employment
  • Capability to handle job roles
  • Experience of task handling in the actual world

What is the use of developing these competencies?

The world today, kid, is a big bad world. There is a cut throat competition between candidates fighting for jobs and the mouths to feed are constantly increasing. Studying Planning for Career Success CAR10001 unit and developing these skills and competencies will allow you to maximise your ability to get employed.

What skills will you have by studying this unit?

The outcomes of studying CAR10001 unit are -

  • You will have the skills, values, attributes and strengths that are needed to secure a job. Not only that, you will be able to analyse these skills so that you can work on them
  • You will be able to quickly identify the particular skill set that is required for a job in a specific industry
  • With the proper skills inducted in you, you would be able to show everyone that you are totally ready for a job
  • You would be able to create a disciplined career path so that you are able to stay on track for your career progression

Need For Studying Planning for Career Success CAR10001 in Various Courses

You can choose to study the elective CAR10001 in a number of courses like Business, Social Science, Psychology, Design, etc. I am going to tell you why career planning is important and why should one focus on career planning while studying their university courses.

1. Pave a secure path

Imagine you are going for an interview and the interviewer asks you where do you see yourself 5 years down the line. What will you answer? You, for obvious reasons, are not going to say that you like to live life as a mystery and you will be where life is going to take you. This isn’t a philosophy class, right? You have to be realistic with your answers.

If you have planned your career, you would know where you want to see yourself 5 years later. You can either be a successful entrepreneur or maybe the manager of a team or choose to be the head for the new division.

Clearly planning for career success will make you aware of your goals and ambitions. That is going to define and affect your choices all the years.

2. Lost on the journey of life

If the people who designed and manufactured Titanic had not planned for ‘what if the ship sank’, there would have been no lifeboats aboard and she would have gone with down with all 2208 passengers. Though everyone was confident that RMS Titanic was unsinkable, planning ahead saved lives of 706 people. Let us not get into the controversy of people that could have been saved, okay?

So, if you are planning for career success, you would save yourself from getting lost when life gives you such surprises. Learning to plan the career effectively, you will be able to work for the jobs that you want and develop yourself accordingly.

3. Achieving the goals

We all have goals in our lives. They might differ for each person but there is nobody who is living life without a goal in mind. The goals can be as vague as you can be but where do you get the skills to accomplish them? How do you know what do you need to do to become the next Albert Einstein? Or maybe how are you going to overthrow Elon Musk from his status of real life Ironman?

The competition in the world you hear about is real. It is actually there. If you are planning your career well before, you will know when and how to make your move. I would like you to remember a quote here, “Life is like a chess board. You do not make your smartest move unless you are sure you are going to strike a checkmate”.

Changing jobs all the time and keeping up with the needs of the future is a task that will be easier with planning for career success. With planning ahead, you would be able to have a contingency plan in place for all unforeseen setbacks.

4. Developing multi-skills

The employers of the 21st century have also become greedy with time. They are also now looking for people who can execute a number of tasks with a diverse skill set. Not focusing on a specialisation but developing your skills over a range of functionalities, you need to prepare yourself for all the worst that can come. Have you ever heard about a dead end job? It is a job where you will not get any career development or growth to a higher paid position. You do not want to be stuck in a dead-end job, do you? What do you have to do to avoid that? Yes, planning for career success well ahead of time. Through planning, you can develop your positive traits and prove yourself to be an asset to the organisation. Once you do that, you will be able to assert your position.

But what about Planning for Career Success assessment tasks?

Since I helped you so much into telling you the importance of planning for career success and why you should opt to study the CAR10001 unit along with the course of study, cannot I help you with these tasks as well?

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