Questions like “where can you find the best online statistics assignment help” is not uncommon these days. Students probe such questions frequently when they are burdened with a plethora of statistics assignments to complete. Statistics is a subject that is a type of mathematical analysis that makes use of a wide variety of synopses, quantified models and representations for a given set of empirical data. The data is expressed in a quantitative form which is a troublesome task for a majority of the students studying this subject. In simple words, you will get to study different methodologies that will be useful in garnering, reviewing, analyzing and inferring conclusions from the empirical data set.

Over the years, our statistics assignment help experts have covered several statistical measures for students that have come handy while writing these assignments. These include calculating mean, variance analysis, regression analysis and Kurtosis, skewness. Using these measures, it gets easier to make informed decisions.

Statistics plays a crucial role in reflecting on the truth of society. Due to its multi-disciplinary nature, it finds its application in all the disciplines. You can find the stats in different subjects like physical activity, nutrition, obesity, nursing, economics, finance, business and more. Statistics is a complex yet interesting subject to study that opens the door to a wide range of lucrative future prospects for students.

Now that you are aware of the significance of studying statistics, it is time that you get started with completing your assignments. If you get stuck at any point, then you can hand over all the queries to a professional who has expertise in this field. The question which arises here is where can you find the best online statistics assignment help. Before answering it, let us highlight some of the essentials of a statistics assignment.

A Closer Look Into The Two Types Of Statistics

Statistics is categorised into two major categories. These are descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. Different techniques are used in both divisions to attain the unique objectives associated with them. While descriptive statistics is responsible for highlighting the events occurring in a data set, inferential statistics deals with using findings from a given set of group and then generalizing the findings to apply on a larger scale.

Feeling confused?

Don’t worry about it as our statistics assignment help experts are here to clear all your doubts regarding this subject so that you don’t find any challenges in writing a statistics assignment. There is some huge difference between descriptive and inferential statistics.

These are:

1. Descriptive statistics

Probably, whenever you hear the word “statistics”, you think about descriptive statistics. As the name suggests, the primary purpose of descriptive statistics is to describe. For this set of data, numerical measures are used.

Some of the measures used in descriptive statistics are as follows:

  • Midrange, average, median, mode, the centre of data set
  • Representing results in the form of graphs
  • Standard deviation
  • Investigating the relationships between paired data
  • Five number summary
  • Skewness and kurtosis

The importance of descriptive statistics is that it enables scientists to study the data pattern. One thing that you must keep in mind here is that the results of descriptive statistics cannot be applied to any other group or population.

2. Inferential statistics

This is the second type of statistics that are the result of complex mathematical calculations. Using these calculations, it gets easier to infer a pattern or an existing trend within a population. This pattern is based on the investigation of a sample that has been taken from the population.

Scientists study inferential statistics and establish the relationship between different variables in the given sample to find out a fixed pattern. Then, this pattern is used to predict how the entire large population will behave. As it is not feasible to examine each of the members within the population individually, the purpose is to choose a subset of the population. This is known as a statistical sample.

2 types of international statistics

These are the two types of inferential statistics that you need to know before you begin to write a statistics assignment. An expert who delivers the best statistics assignment help online would aid you in understanding the salient features of each of the different types of statistics.

Different Methods Used To Conduct Statistical Analysis

While writing a statistics assignment, students often get stuck while conducting statistical analysis. There are several methods that can be used to do this. If you are a student who feels perplexed with these methods, then our statistics assignment help experts will help you clear them.

Following are some of the statistical methods that we have covered for students.

1. Mean

Also known as average, mean is the most common method used to conduct statistical analysis in an assignment. Simply adding up all the given number and dividing the total by the total number of items gives the mean of a sample data.

The main reason why students prefer opting for this method is due to the quick calculation involved in it. Mean is used in different fields to calculate the average data in a given sample.

2. Standard deviation

It accounts for the dispersion of data. You can either get a low standard deviation or a high standard deviation for the given data sample. Low standard deviation is commonly known as the expected value of the set.

3. Regression analysis

In case, you want to establish the relationship between one dependent and one independent variable, that is the time when you use regression analysis. It helps in knowing the effect that one variable has on another.

regression analysis

The formula for regression analysis is:

Y=a+b(X), where:

A is the Y-intercept or when X=0, it is the value of Y

X is the variable that is dependent on Y

Y is the variable that is independent

B is the slope

4. Hypothesis testing

Hypothesis testing is also known as ‘T testing’. This method is used to test the different sets of variables that are given within a set of data. It deals with checking if an argument is true or not for the variables. Based on the hypothesis testing, decisions are taken for the variables.

5. Sample size determination

In situations where students need to analyse statistical data, it often creates a problem for them. The reason behind this is the large size of the data sample that needs to be analysed. This is when students use the sample size determination method for accurate results.

For this, you just need to analyse the data of a small sample. The finding that is received is then applied to a larger population.

These are the methods that are used to conduct statistical analysis. How many of these have you used in your statistics assignment? If you have any questions regarding these methods, then you can simply get in touch with us. Over the last ten years, we have been providing the best statistics assignment help online in Canada and aiding them to reach success with flying colours.

Do you want to know how to write a statistics assignment just like our experts do? Here’s a sample for your reference.

A High-quality Statistics Assignment Sample That Has Been Done By Our Experts

In these years, we have done every bit from our end to become worthy of being the favourite assignment providers of students worldwide. The primary reason why students turn to our statistics assignment help experts is due to the fact that we are a storehouse of immaculate samples that at as concrete resources while writing any assignment.

So, here is a recently written statistics assignment sample for your reference.

The main objective of the assignment is to represent the frequency, relative frequency and cumulative relative frequency of the number of movies watched by the students in a week. As you can see in the image below, we have answered it in a tabular manner.

statistics assignment sample

Based on this data, we have also represented the information in the form of a graph that is shown below.

Number of movies

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