“You can now apply for a simple extension of five calendar days from your assessment due date, replacing the previous two-day simple extension.” - The University of Sydney.

Yes, you read it right. The University of Sydney is extending simple extensions for five days. Per the previous coursework policies, it was two days. Now, students get three additional days to recover from any injury, health issues or be relieved from other emergencies.

Let’s learn What? How? And Why has it changed? Also, the common reasons students ask for a simple extension will be discussed further. So, read forth.

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What Is a Simple Extension? How Is It Different from a Special Consideration?

Firstly, a simple extension is simple the buffer time/days you get before submitting your assignment. Often, it is difficult for students to submit their coursework on the dot. Deadlines do scare many of us.

Hence, the coursework policies allowed students to get two days of extension on their deadline. In short, you can submit your work a day or two late. So, now the simple extension has been extended to five days.

On the other hand, special consideration is a long extension. You will agree that emergencies and medical issues can’t be overcome in just a few days. Special considerations allow students to submit coursework per their requested period.

But, for special consideration, you must submit supportive pieces of evidence. A medical certificate or a document of proof of essential commitment. You just have to complete a declaration along with the documents to submit your assignment as you return.

Many recent emerging cases fall into the grey area between a simple extension and special consideration. The university increased the extension days to five days from two. It benefits course coordinators.

How Do I Ask for a Simple Extension?

Additionally, the reason for a simple extension request was being denied. So, many of you wonder, “can I still apply for a special consideration later if I get a five-day extension?” The answer is yes.

The policy change does not imply abolishing students’ rights to get special consideration. So, how do you apply for a special extension? Follow these steps:

  • Firstly, talk to the course study coordinator about the reason for a simple extension. If they agree, you get a simple extension and will be informed via e-mail.
  • Secondly, send out an email to your course coordinator. Add your student ID and the reasoning for the extension.
  • Moreover, when you get a green signal from your study coordinator, you can avail of a five-calendar-day extension without penalty.
  • Lastly, you cannot apply for an extension if your course coordinator does not allow it.

Also, the proposal seeks to relieve the pressure the Special Considerations system is under, with the high influx of applications and wait times expected to ease.

What Is a Good Reason for an Extension?

Here’s a list of instances when students can apply for extension:

  • Physical disease or damage that is just temporary
  • Recent difficulties with short-term mental health
  • A persistent physical condition that has lately deteriorated, either temporarily or over time
  • A long-term mental health problem that has lately deteriorated, either temporarily or permanently.
  • A recent loss or serious sickness of a close friend or relative of the student
  • A serious relationship, for instance, a marriage, has just broken down.
  • Dependents-related emergencies
  • Short-notice job or intern interview that demands substantial time, e.g. because of travel
  • Survivor of a crime that is likely to cause substantial mental distress
  • Military war, natural calamity, or severe weather

In short, you can ask for an extension for the above-listed reason. Follow the instructions discussed in the previous section to apply for a simple extension.

What about In-class Assessments and Quizzes?

Finally, according to the Coursework Policy, you may be entitled to get an extension of up to five days for a project such as an in-class evaluation, quiz, or brief test. Besides, it is a casual agreement with your unit program coordinator that does not necessitate a formal request.

Also, if you are unable to take an in-person exam, such as a quiz or a brief exam, your unit of study administrator may grant you a five-day extension. Hence, to request a simple extension for a quiz or exam, send an email to your course of study supervisor and wait for written approval.

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