Looking for a solution to make lengthy nursing assignments easier? Want to make yourself familiar with the Driscoll model of reflection? Having multiple commitments to deal with strict deadlines is not something you can deal with effortlessly. Not everyone is lucky enough to get the topic they are already familiar with and are eager to explore. That’s why you might end up staying stuck with something you are not fond of. And then, you will be working with the same information posted on the web without digging deeper and having a clear understanding. At last, you will end up with the average grades, wondering about the reason for your deductions.

To save you from this endless loop and help you upskill yourself, we will discuss in detail about model of reflection driscoll. One of the frequently used models that was introduced around 2007 by Driscoll. This particular model is like a framework for doing reflective model analysis and retrospectives. Moreover, it is used by nursing students and all medical practitioners to gain critical knowledge in certain circumstances. Although it can take you some time to become familiar with this, it can make all your upcoming assignments easier. So, are you ready to dig deeper into the topic? Read on to know!

Model of reflection driscoll

Understanding Driscoll's Model of Reflection in Detail

The driscoll model of reflection comes with various stages with the division of a total of three parts. Before you deep dive and start to discuss all the parts in detail, let's go with an example. Suppose you are practicing and you get to hear about a critical condition. Now, how are you going to identify the issue? That’s when this cycle comes into play. By working with this model, you can analyze the situation effectively and come up with more clarity. So, without any further ado? Scroll down to know more!


In the first part of model of reflection driscoll, you will be going through prime happening. Covering all the parts of the incident which has affected the situation. To get exact clarity, consider asking the below-mentioned questions:

  • What has exactly happened?
  • What are your observations about the situation?
  • How was the reaction?
  • What exactly did you do?
  • How did you address the situation?
  • Is there anything I am not aware of?

After all the questions, you know what you are talking about too without making any assumptions.

So, what?

Once you have understood everything on a surface level, it's time for you to dig deeper into the situation. Here, you will do the analysis of circumstances together with looking deep into the reactions and characteristics of happenings. Consider getting the best online nursing assignment help in Australia to decide how you can make this step seamless. We have compiled a list of questions below to make things easier for you:

  • How are you feeling about the whole situation now?
  • What was your experience?
  • Is there anything you were particularly surprised about?
  • Did you learn anything from this experience?
  • What things do you not like about this experience?
  • What is the effect of this experience?

Holding answers to all the questions at this stage is essential for this progress. Without this, you will be stuck with assumptions. Now, let’s move on to the last and most crucial stage of the Driscoll model of reflection before we tell you how it can be used in assignments.

Now, what?

You have reached the stage where you have clarity with all the necessary information you need about the incident. Now, it's time for you to propose the action that needs to be taken after the incident. To come up with an answer that you are confident about, the below questions will be your guide: 

  • What was the root cause of this issue?
  • What can you do to apply this learning through experience?
  • How can you possibly alter the situation? 
  • What can happen if you leave the issue as it is?

So, now you have understood the parts of model of reflection driscoll. Now, you might be wondering how you can use this for your assignments to enhance the quality of your assignments. Read on to know! 

How to Use the Driscoll Model in Your Assignments? 

Remember the assignments where you have to present your views on a particular incident. It can be monotonous and sometimes feels like you are writing a summary. Not anymore! You can use the Driscoll style to stand out from others and aim for the grades you desire. Below are the ways: 

  1. Thoroughly grasp the subjects of any paper before beginning to write about them.
  2. Since the Driscoll model of the reflection cycle is the most widely used and straightforward, you can select it.
  3. Now write what, so what, and now what on a sheet of paper. To gain a comprehensive understanding of everything, respond to each question based on your experience.
  4. A lot of study, discussion, and brainstorming are required to come up with the solutions to the aforementioned query.

You can utilize these steps for your nursing assignment. In addition, you may locate a number of reflective models online apart from the driscoll model of reflection. Additionally, be sure to double-check your work and eliminate any errors as you go. Make sure to do the proper editing before submitting the final draft. At last, ensure that you are achieving all four Cs of reflection:

  1. Contextualised Reflection
  2. Continuous Reflection
  3. Connected Reflection
  4. Challenging Reflection

The best thing about all the questions and this method is not, you don’t have to start from the beginning. With the pre-written questions, you will have clarity about the situation without making much effort. Keep yourself encouraged to learn the model of reflection driscoll so that you can make your practice years easy.

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