The purpose of the subject Business Research is to instil knowledge that is a prerequisite for undertaking a business research. It involves validating objectives as well as collecting appropriate information to arrive at a solution for a business problem/issue. The process of business research includes a three-step method:

  • Step1: plan the research,
  • Step 2: organise the research, and
  • Step 3: carry out the business research project

While undertaking any research, various questions arise in the mind of the researcher like the target audience for a product, the specific characteristics of a product, discounts etc.

Business Research Report: An Overview

A Business Research report is a well-examined and standardised work undertaken during post-graduation academic course. In this, the student is required to perform an in-depth investigation of any specific topic. It examines the key factors influencing a business operation prior to making any recommendation on its improvement.

Like every other report, it follows an accepted pattern which duly complies with the guidelines that are set by a university. It must be religiously followed by every student to get a good score in the subject. For example, if we consider the course code HI6008, it strictly specifies that the business research report must be divided into the following sub-sections:

  • Introduction
  • Project Objective
  • Project scope
  • Literature Review
  • Conclusion
  • Reference List
  • Appendices

Each of these sub-sections must be coherent and in synchronisation with the central theme of the report. While writing a business research report, the background of all the business concepts related to this research must be crystal clear in the mind of the researcher. This can ensure that the research is value-neutral as well as impartial. The reliability and validity of data must also be tested in order to get the desired outcome.

How Do We Approach a Business Research Report?

Business report writing can be a complicated affair due to the intricacies mentioned above. Nonetheless, our experts in the domain of report writing have successfully sailed through these for decades. Our business research specialists are always willing and ready to accept all kinds of assignments like reports, dissertation, thesis etc. from the subject. Let’s have a dissection of how to embark and proceed with a report of business research.

The germinal step is to understand the question and accordingly formulate in mind a central idea as well as the method of approach. Just as the saying goes - well begun is half done, this forms the most important step towards writing a successful report. Our report writers have always been able to identify the central theme just by taking a first look at the question.

Next, we move towards looking for some authentic and reliable sources of literature. The internet is filled with random information on all the subjects. Selecting the most relevant and recent source can be a herculean task for university students, but not for our business research experts.


Now, our ace writers start their work of drafting a report, which begins with an introduction. The introduction consists of

  • Background: This gives the overview of the topic mentioned in the report.
  • Thesis statement: Here, the purpose of conducting the business research is highlighted.
  • The Flow of the report: In this, our experts explains briefly what is to be discussed in the report.

Project Objective

Moving on, we proceed with the project objective, which details into the specific aim of the research. It can have a single, as well as multiple objectives, which can include evaluation, analysis, studying any particular idea, thought or even statistics.

Project Scope

The consequent step is elaborating on the project scope, which has numerous directions like what all aspects it focuses on, its application in the view of literature and the target group which the research finding seeks to address (women, children, old-age etc.).

Literature Review

The crucial part of any business research report is the literature review. Our experts are well-versed and highly qualified to select as well as incorporate and critically analyse the idea in the literature. Its intention is to form a background in the business research. Literature review can be a tricky path to steer for the university students as understanding them is not everyone’s cup of tea. Our experts have immense experience to deal with such complex journals as they are Ph.D. scholars themselves. Moreover, not everyone has the acumen to critically analyse journals, especially if the question has more than one topic. This is where our business research experts can come in handy with all their expertise in the literature review. The research gap forms the most critical portion of this section.

Research gap basically identifies the element missing in the existent literature. It explains that the solution provided is not appropriate for the given question.


The report approaches towards its culmination with the conclusion, but it does not end here completely. Our experts draft a conclusion that addresses its requirement which is to summarise all the key components in the report and analyse the idea of the topic.

Reference List

Proper referencing and citation is just like a string of pearls in any business research report that connects the text with the sources mentioned at the end of the report. Our experts are well versed in every referencing style that is internationally accepted.


Lastly, the appendices are written which consists of information, evidence through graphs, charts, pie-diagrams etc. It is usually at the end, because it is too detailed to include in the main report.

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