The human brain is the command centre for the control of the system of central nerves. It manages all the functions of the human body as well as stores memory. Blue Brain technology is the first virtual brain in the world. The objective of this technology is to develop a virtual brain at the cellular level to acquire and create knowledge of our brain and allow fast treatment of diseases (Vinny & Singh, 2020).

While studying computer science, you will learn about the blue brain project, which is an important topic in computer science. This topic will help you learn about advancements in science and, further, open various career paths for you. The blue brain is the first virtual brain in the world, and you can utilize this technology in various ways.

Our experts have helped many students gain knowledge of the blue brain project. This technology is helpful for uploading stored data of the natural brain into a computer. This is not happening today but has the possibility of happening shortly. To work on this technology, you need to expand your knowledge in this field.

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More About the Blue Brain Technology

You might be wondering what this technology is. According to our experts, blue brain technology has been evolving to a great extent so that the human brain will be developed artificially using the science of artificial intelligence. Another name for blue brain technology is the artificial brain. This ambitious initiative aims to simulate mammals' brains with a high capacity for biological accuracy.

You might be surprised after knowing that the aim of the blue brain project is to reverse engineer the brain of a human as a simulation of a supercomputer. It is a virtual machine fueled by networks of artificial neural networks (Kumari & Khan, 2018). The aim of this blue brain technology is to gather the existing information about the brain and to develop an entire human brain in the computer.

You might be wondering how all this is possible and how scientists can do this. How can one get involved in the development of this technology? You will be excited to know that data is uploaded from the human brain to supercomputers utilizing small robots referred to as nanobots.

These robots are so small that they can enter the central nervous system and spine. After entering the brain, they begin monitoring and scanning the structure of neurons. Further, they form a connection between the human brain as software and interface.

There are several examples of blue brain technology. If you are pursuing a computer science course, our experts believe this topic will surely interest you. Further, you might be interested in knowing that when this technology is available, you will be able to store knowledge and memories of great personalities forever. Students also take assistance from our experts providing computer science assignment help to enhance their knowledge of the blue brain project.

What is the Working Process of Blue Brain Technology?

Blue Gene supercomputer is used by blue brain technology, which IBM created to jumpstart the process of brain stimulation (Perez et al., 2018). IBM creates a Blue Gene supercomputer to serve as an interface between a computer and the human brain utilizing nanobots. The program's main aim is to upload the human brain to a computer. Moreover, the machine will be able to decide and think in the absence of a human body.

How Can you Upload Data to Blue Gene?

You can upload brain information using nanobots. Following are three steps which nanobots follow:

Data Acquisition

As nanobots have the ability to pass through the circulatory system of the human body, they gather fragments from the human brain and bring them under a microscope. Blue brain technology examples provided by the scientists working on it have shown how effective this technology can be. This process enables professionals to study the electrical activity and dimensions of the neuron. All such observations are then transformed into algorithms.

Furthermore, algorithms create virtual neurons similar to real-life ones. After achieving all this, the neurons undergo simulation.

Data Simulation

Following are the two factors of the simulation process:


Currently, blue brain technology has the ability to run one second simulation time of neurons for five minutes, as per the research of experts providing assignment help, simulating approximately 10000 neurons will be 200 times slower in comparison to real life.


Further, in this step, algorithms describe and define neurons as precisely as possible. Moreover, they need to adapt to the stage of disease and age of the brain being stimulated.

Data Visualization

Blue Brain technology utilizes RT neurons for visualizing simulations of neural networks. Further, the software utilizes the outputs from the simulation and gives them to a system for viewing in 3D.


You might have gained an idea by now that blue brain technology is a complex technology to study. Additionally, you need in-depth knowledge of computer science to write your assignment. If you are facing hurdles while writing your blue brain assignment, we advise you to go through our assignment samples and examples, which are available for free on our website.

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