How University help you cope with a failed assessment
December 08, 2020
Author : Bill

Any university in Australia, you name it, may not graduate every student who enrolled in one of the courses. Even though the graduation rate is increasing each year, there are hundreds of students leaving universities without a degree. Most professors believe that failing units is often attributed to a student’s laziness. They feel students do not pay much attention to or care less about the subjects. However, on the other side of the road, it’s a different story.

Yes, failing an assignment can be a disaster, and you will most likely be disappointed about it and highlight your lack of understanding of the expectations or learning outcomes.

6 out of 10 students identify mental/physical health problems, financial strain, and exhausting work outside college as the top reasons behind their failure. Other factors, such as family responsibilities, language challenges, and poor curriculum design, are something just beyond their control.

Assigning a zero grade on an assignment is one of the many options available for professors, but this is their last resort. Failing an assessment affects the length of the course, moreover, and one has to resit to fulfil the course requirements. It is painful, time-consuming, and costly for both students and universities. This is why every university has support services that work closely with distressed students and help them shape study approaches.

What to do If I failed a course

Peer Assisted Study Sessions at the University of Tasmania

Offered weekly by the PASS leaders, these sessions are free, and you can get unit/module specific assistance. The leaders, who are trained senior students in their respective subject areas, drive student discussion forums along with groups at the university.

The sessions take place in a relaxed and friendly environment; this gives students enough space to revise their course materials and strengthen academic skills. Through collaborative activities, students can share strengths and work on their weaknesses in academic areas, for instance, case study analysis. PASS sessions begin in the third week of a semester and finish in week 15.

In response to COVID-19, the University of Tasmania has decided to offer these sessions online and will begin face-to-face sessions most likely early 2021. Credit Recovery Program - Southern Cross University

Despite completing the course within a semester, you could still miss fulfilling one or more curriculum expectations up to the required passing level. The credit recovery program at the Southern Cross University is just the right option available. Once you enrol in this program, your faculty will work with you to determine the most fruitful ways to meet the expectations of the curriculum. With the continual support, you should be able to earn course credit.

The remedial credit program is designed for students with similar needs; hence you will work in a group of up to five students. While you could choose to repeat the entire course, you will also be allowed to resit only for a specific part relating to the overall curriculum expectations unaccomplished earlier.

If you fail an assignment, do consider opting for this program as it will help you develop learning skills. For many students, this is an excellent opportunity to fulfil the expectations set under their course curriculum and move forward.

Special Consideration - University of Western Australia

If you don’t do a uni assignment, you will receive no grades for the assessment items. You could probably fail a module. But the University of Western Australia allows students to apply for special consideration under exceptional circumstances. These are factors that may have impacted your academic performance in some areas.

The following are grounds for special consideration if you failed to submit an assignment:

  1. Serious injury

  2. Sudden loss of income

  3. Death or serious illness of your immediate family member

You need to apply within three days after your assessment was due. The university grants special consideration in which you could receive an extension to the overdue evaluation; deferred examination; or be allowed to withdraw from the unit. Get in touch with the student advising office to know more about the application process.

The university will notify you within three days after receiving the application. You could be granted one of the considerations, declined, or deemed ineligible. Read the policy on their website to find out if your application follows the requirements or not.

What Can Universities Do

The Bottom Line

Research in the education sector indicates that some students who were unable to clear their course in the 1st attempt try even harder next time. But for many, the failure has an opposite effect. What they need here is honest and timely feedback to breed success. Evidence suggests that with the right motivation and support from teachers and staff, students struggling through academics can do much more than the possible.

Universities in Australia are determined to assist students, and they will help you pass your subjects. You can easily find the right amount of support and encouragement amongst the student community and seniors. If the curriculum is too challenging for you to understand, ask for alternative ways to cope with the challenging parts. Remember, you still need to fulfil your course’s requirements to earn the credit points and move to the next semester.

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