Are you trying to take your written work to the next level with the help of literary devices? And, constantly looking for ways to improve things without going overboard? Well, you are on the right track where you will learn to break the monotonicity of your writing. Even though you are bound to work on your assignments as per the university guidelines, you can always change things effortlessly. Also, the majority of the time you have something fun in your mind, yet you end up putting it together with the wrong words. That’s when these devices come into the picture as they can perfectly add spice to your writing together with filling the void of word count.

But how can you make the most of these devices without knowing about them in detail? Therefore, you should check some literary device examples and dig deeper into their usage instead of just implementing them. Moreover, they can also help you get out of the writer's block. Even though it can take some time to master the implementation of these decisions, this way, you can make all your upcoming assignments easier. Want to know why you should be using them in your writing? Read on to know!

Why You Should be Adding Literary Devices to Your Writing?

Remember it's not always the right time to show off your writing skills and add literary devices in your writing. It depends on some of the crucial factors like what is the topic and tone of your assignment. So, consider all the important things before you initiate the process. Below are some of the reasons to add them to your writing:

  • By using these devices you can keep the readers engaged and make them read till the end. It happens because of the added depth in your writing.
  • Your writing will be more memorable and not just a common article posted on the web crying for attention.
  • When you take a look at a list of literary devices, you will find solutions. Because they make it seamless to convey all the complicated ideas in simple words with relativity.
  • With irony, foreshadowing and imagination, you can emotionally connect with your audience and they can get more value from your work.
  • As you ditch the monotonous sentences, you enhance the originality of your writing. It makes your work look unique which can be a perfect way to impress your audience and examiner.
  • Using rhetorical questions and talking about emotions can help you influence people without making any additional effort.
  • As per professional coursework writing service, you can work on the aesthetic appeal of your content by just adding the decisions and making average content extraordinary.

Exploring the Common Types of Literary Devices

How do you feel about reading an article where the same type of sentence and device is used multiple times? It can be boring, right? To keep your work away from this monotonicity, you need to make yourself familiar with all the devices. After that, read some of the examples and try using them one by one instead of overdoing things. Here, we have compiled a list of literary devices with examples to give you more clarity, scroll down to know!

1. Metaphor

When you directly compare two different things without using the word - ‘Like’ or ‘as’

Example - Life is a journey with multiple twists and turns.

2. Simile

A simple comparison of two things by using ‘As’ and ‘Like’

Example - His smile is as calm as the moon.

3. Personification

It's when you give a person's characteristics to a nonliving thing.

Example - Flowers tell the stories to the wind.

4. Alliteration

When you use the same sounds in similar sentences, especially at the beginning of the world.

Example - Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.

5. Assonance

It's when you observe the repetition of vowel sounds in closely related words.

Example - The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.

6. Onomatopoeia

All the words copy the sound they are describing.

Example - Bees are buzzing around the hives.

7. Hyperbole

As per professional coursework writing service, it is one of the most used. It means you are exaggerating the statement or making claims that cannot be taken seriously.

Example - I called you a million times yesterday.

8. Irony

It is pointing out the contrast between what is expected and what happened.

Example - All the walls of the fire station burned down.

9. Symbolism

When you use different symbols to represent concepts and ideas, it's symbolism.

Example - The colour red represents anger and danger.

10. Foreshadowing

When you hint at future events in any narrative.

For Example - As he walked into the alley, he felt a shiver run down his spine, foreshadowing the danger coming.

11. Imagery

One of the most observed literary devices is the use of descriptive language to create mental pictures.

For Example - when the sun sank in the mountains, it painted the sky with hues of pink and orange.

12. Allusion

When you give a reference to something famous. It can be any place, work or person. 

For example - She had a Herculean task ahead of her.

Ways to Add Literary Devices in your Assignments

Ways to Add Literary Devices to Your Assignments

Till the time you make it a habit to incorporate the devices in your work, you will struggle and it takes time to use them right. To make this easier, you can take assistance from report writing services and learn from subject matter experts who can offer you personalized services. This way, you can make the most of the opportunity to learn and get better grades. Below are some of the ways to help you incorporate devices into your work:

Create Vivid Descriptions

Paint a picture for your readers with detailed descriptions. Instead of just summing things up in one go, try to come up with creative ways to present them. Try to use devices like similes and personification. It will enhance the description and bring writing to life. 

Craft Engaging Introductions and Conclusions

Be it catchy hooks, such as anecdotes, rhetorical questions, or surprising facts, start your introduction and conclusion with these things. It will leave a lasting impression without you having to make additional efforts.

Develop Characters and Settings

Go with techniques like symbolism, irony, and foreshadowing to add complexity and depth to your storytelling. It will be the best use of literary devices when you do the character sketches.

Enhance Persuasive Arguments

If you want to sound more convincing in your writing, you need to learn how to get on the emotional side. For that, you can use various things like rhetorical questions, hyperbole and parallelism to make your points more convincing.

Add Variety to Your Writing

When you want to constantly work on your skills, you have to keep on experimenting with different things. So, mix and match things like alliteration, assonance, and onomatopoeia to create musicality and rhythm in your writing.

Edit and Revise

Now that you have added a list of literary devices to your work, it's time for you to leave no room for doubt. Either you can outsource the proofreading services or work on your skills. This way, you can make your assignments error-free and gain more confidence in your work.

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When you assume that you don't have to write anymore once you are done with the assignment, you might be wrong. Writing is a life skill that can keep you ahead of the competition curve all the time. Also, it can be a great tool for communication. Even though you cannot understand and master the skills overnight, you have to be consistent with your practice and keep yourself on the right track. Furthermore, you can take feedback from your experts to become aware of your shortcomings.

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