Boeing is the largest producer of military jets and commercial planes in the world. With an employee strength of more than 150,000 in 70 countries, Boeing requires effective communication channels. Since the company is spread geographically, the teams need to work together while being away. In fact, members of the same team may be separated by thousands of miles and time zones.

Need Of Communication In Boeing

Before you begin to write how Boeing can improve the communication, you must know what components does Boeing use in communication. On the basis of that, you would be able to identify the shortcomings and provide a solution for the problems.

To conduct discussions

The employees need to discuss strategies, ideas and other forms of discussion. For an organisation like Boeing, the privacy of such discussions matters a lot. Therefore, any communication system that is in place or any modifications should be suggested keeping in mind the integrity and privacy of the discussions.

To share ideas across borders

A large number of multinational corporations are now getting engaged in handling teams across borders. It happens that what members of the same team are separated by countries. One member being in Australia might be reporting to a senior stationed in the USA. Therefore, communication systems are needed to share ideas across.

To manage the team of employees

In a team, the employees have to be managed effectively. For that, there needs to be communication. When the senior gives an instruction, then only will the juniors be able to implement it. If the message is not clear or is not able to give out information that is crucial, the message will be unclear.

What Are Unified Communications

Unified communication is a concept which integrates communication in an organisation with services like -

  • Instant messaging
  • Presence information
  • Voice (telephone)
  • Audio
  • Web
  • Video conference
  • Unified messaging

Unified communications are not one single product. The system works in unison with each other to provide a unified user interface across multiple devices.

Unified communications and Boeing

Unified communications are a secure but traditional way of communication. For an organisation like Boeing, there are a number of vulnerability areas in unified communications. For example, Boeing deals in military aircraft. It also has cost factors scattered across the globe at multiple locations. Hence, it needs a secure communication model that cannot be breached by a third party invader. In case of any communication failure, the company may face issues like denial of service to the clients, a security threat to the company, compromise on the security factors and distorted brand image. Therefore, to ensure that no such incident takes place, there should be secured use of phones and networks. The services which are not in use should be shut down. The unused ports in computers and laptops must be disabled. Additionally, a team of experts must update the passwords for secure communication channels at regular intervals.

Ways to Secure Unified Communications System

One of the biggest breaches in security of a unified communications system was the voicemail hacking scandal of at News of the World. Until this, NOTW used to be the highest selling newspaper in the UK. Anyway, the point is that when such a large corporation can be a victim of privacy concerns, Boeing should definitely place strong guards. Here are a few ways to improve the security and privacy of the unified communications system.

Strong passwords

A study showed that “123456”, birthdays, the name of lover, the name of the pet, date of birth and “QWERTY” are one of the most common passwords. Many employees choose a simple password saying that they have difficulty in remembering tough passwords. Strong passwords having all of the below are advised -

  • Uppercase letter
  • Lowercase letter
  • Special character
  • 8-14 characters long
  • Number

Such passwords are quite difficult to guess and override by any person.

Protect against eavesdropping

Eavesdropping is one of the major security threats in the workplace. When a secure conversation is taking place, the employees should make sure that there is nobody overhearing their talk. Even members of the team should be defined in security clearances which restricts their involvement into knowing things they are not supposed to know. Unscrupulous employees or outsiders may eavesdrop on key employees’ VoIP conversations, which could lead to the exposure of confidential information. IP voice should be protected against unauthorized recording, playback and other forms of electronic snooping. When protecting sensitive communications, you should demand 128-bit media encryption, which is the strongest protection against electronic eavesdropping and replay attacks and SSL/TLS to protect instant messaging sessions.

Using a VPN to protect remote employees

It is quite obvious that a person staying at a hotel with Wi-Fi facility would connect to the hotel’s network for any official work as well. However, such public internet points are highly insecure and hold privacy concern with themselves. Many remote workers use the public Internet to connect to corporate headquarters. It’s key to secure this connection so that communications cannot be snooped. Organisations can use a VPN Concentrator to connect remote IP phones to the rest of the system. Remote workers simply connect an IP phone to a broadband router and, with minimal effort, a secure tunnel is established to the VPN Concentrator. Once connected, the phone acts as if it was located in the office—and the connection is secure.

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