Things You Need to Consider Before Finding a Rental Accommodation in Australia
August 18, 2017
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The rental property market in Australia is getting competitive day by day-especially in Sydney. But, it doesn’t mean that house hunting gets complicated, you can follow some simple steps to make your search a lot easier.

Sorting out student accommodation causes a lot of hassle, after all the endless months of planning, paperwork, the last thing which would be standing between you and that glorious Aussie sun is the hassle of sorting out your student accommodation. But, as the nation’s high living cost is no secret, there are many ways you could find a place without breaking your bank. You only need to know, what you are searching for and where and how to look?

  • We would suggest you to do some research ahead of the time, of basically what is available in the market at that time. We advise you to do this a week or two in advance if you can, to get an idea of whether the rent you are budgeting for would really fetch what you want. You can use Google Maps which would give you an idea of what is available in your area. Keep an open mind - make sure you tick the "Include surrounding suburbs" box when searching on a suburb name or postcode. You may find that by going a suburb over you find something nicer at a cheaper price, and it can mean less competition for properties as well because some people aren't that smart.

  • You have an advantage of your contacts. If you are finding a new place, you can contact your old real estate agents and ask them for anything coming up in the area you want. Let your college friends know you are looking- you never know someone may know of a place coming vacant soon.

For the majority of students that are looking to rent, here are four questions you should ask yourself:

  • Am I willing to go for distance? While looking for an accommodation, you need to consider what is more cost effective. If you’re looking to save or on a tight budget, then finding accommodation farther away may be the way to go. Neighboring suburbs may provide a more affordable option.
  • For Rent

  • Am I open to sharing? While most of the students would prefer to have a bedroom all by themselves, you may be up for sharing. Staying in an accommodation with some common areas might not only be kinder on your wallet but could also provide more opportunities to interact and meet new friends. But, it could be possible that free reign over the kitchen and veg out on the couch in the privacy of your own home, that’s perfectly fine too. You need to make your choice.

  • Do I want to buy my own furniture? As we all know that some accommodations are fully furnished, while others could be partially furnished. The latter one could be a cheaper option, but don’t forget to work out the time, effort and costs associated not just with buying but transporting furniture.

Choosing the right accommodation

Once you’ve got a sense of what your needs and non-negotiables are, you can start exploring your options:

Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation

Student accommodation one of the most feasible options for anyone, as they cater specifically for the students and their needs. Usually, they are located near or maybe next to universities and colleges, which ultimately becomes the ideal because of their convenience. Moreover, they are fully furnished, so all you need to do is unpack.


Homestay is best when you stay with a local family in their own space. It will usually include a furnished room and meals. Bathroom, living and dining areas could be shared spaces.

Homestays are usually further away from universities and colleges, so it is best to factor in extra transport costs. However, this gives you the opportunity to experience life in the suburbs.

Shared Housing

Shared housing is one of the cheapest options a student can get with their independent living. People are interested in sharing housing lease a property from a landlord or real estate agent, which means that you will be living with several people.

Whatever option you’d like to pursue, remember that there are thousands of international students in the exact same position as you every single semester, whom all manage to find a place to stay and enjoy their time abroad. Rooms and flats crop up all the time: you just need to be proactive and be the first to put your hand up.

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