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Health ethics are an important part of any nursing assignment. You write whatever answer, you cannot simply ignore the ethics around which the practice of any registered nurse revolves.

The primary concern faced by the students in this is to twist these ethics and formulate their answers. While this is not rocket science, you should never be too shy to take assignment help for such queries.

In this blog, My Assignment Services brings you a quick guide that you can follow to learn these ethics and also implement them effectively in your assignment. The professor is surely going to be impressed when you will be showing signs of an ethical practitioner of the future.

ignore the health ethics

Why Should You Even Apply Health Ethics?

Every registered nurse practices their profession according to the rules and regulations of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia.

So, when you are a registered nurse, the university does not want you to roam aimlessly for what rules you should follow or not. Thus, they instil this right from the beginning, in the form of assignments.

Consequently, when you write an assignment for nursing, the university expects you to display signs of such ethical practices and be a good professional.

What’s the best way to show this than to show that you are a good boy and ethical in nature than to follow these health ethics in your assignment as well?

See? This is why you display health ethics in your assignments.

Can I Have the Ethics, Please?

Yes, of course. They are yours, after all.

Health ethics is the subset of ethics in nursing. You have got to display ethics in the research, healthcare and science as well. Using these ethics, you, a registered nurse, make decisions about the choice of treatment that should be administered to a patient.

You might have gotten assignments to write a reflection on your relationship with the patients. If not, you will soon. You have to make hard choices too in this. For example, there is a patient you are confident about will die, no matter the care is given. If the hospital suddenly runs out of oxygen, the decision to take away the oxygen of the already dying patient to save other patients is one that will be made by the help of health ethics. By the way, you are not allowed to take away the oxygen of the dying man, okay? Have some respect for the palliative care, mate.

Here are some good examples.

  • You may need to make some hard decisions about life-ending
  • You might need to determine whether to transfer the resources and money to the treatment of some specific disease. Or to promote some healthcare practice that is innovative.
  • You need to make sure that the healthcare practices existing and the population to which they are to be administered is never out of balance. This is important to make sure that you provide the healthcare facility that is accessible by all.

There there, don’t get too excited.

Hefty Theories Coming Your Way

Stay alert mate, we going to drop some heavy bombs laden with technical terms and ethical theories. But, like all bad things in your course, this is a necessary evil that you must endure.


It is a theory of ethics. It forms its basis on the fact that the judgment of rightness and wrongness of any action is solely on the shoulders of the consequences of the action.

For example, you are a ruler of some small island nation. Now, the population of your island is growing way too fast. You don’t have enough resources to feed a population that large. So, you decide to control the population growth. Very good. How? You ordered your military to execute the children so that every family has only and only one child. It is not ethical, nope, not at all. The consequence was that thousands of innocent children will die. Your intentions were good, but the consequence was not.


This theory is what says that the right action is what aligns with your moral values. You all have studied moral values in your childhood, right? Then you would have also studied some universal laws of morality as well. They go like “Don’t lie”, “Don’t steal”, etc. Ringing a bell?

This theory’s most notable personality is Immanuel Kant. He said that you should never exploit other’s situations to benefit yourself. Neither should you use a person to make your path clear.

For example, you get an offer to kill a client so that their inheritance can be accepted by the next of kin. You will get a huge commission out of it. But, will you do it? This is where health ethics come in.

Virtue Ethics

This is where every consequence, principle, rule and moral are sent on a holiday. The only thing that matters here is what kind of a person are you. A good deal of emphasis is also made by the traditions and the community you belong to.

This is a contradicting and not too favoured theory. The critics have often emphasised on how can the ethical nature of the person be determined by the community he/she belongs to. Ain’t these people right?

Suppose you belong to a community that is known for helping out others, no matter what the situation is. Does this automatically imply that you will be also like those before you or of the community you live in? This is not necessary, right?

health ethics cycle

There are some other terms and theories too but that will be too dull, don’t you think? All work and no play make Jack a dull boy, eh? So, let us rest the horses right here and focus on the information that is presented above. Go through them again, and understand what type of answers you need to write the next time you are getting an assignment. Never forget, the assignment worthy of an HD grade is the one which is aligning with the course outcomes.

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