You might be intrigued by the title: “the ladies finger”, aren’t you? Isn’t it a perfect heading for a blog that would take you into the world of feminism essays? We will tell you why.

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What Is Feminism: A Question That Has Never Been Answered!

Well, ‘FEMINISM’ has emerged to be the hottest topic in the modern 21st century, but only a handful of people actually know what it is. If we go by the definition given in Wikipedia, it says, “Feminism is a range of social and political movements and ideologies that are connected with a common goal, that is, to achieve equality of the sexes”.

As per our English literature assignment help experts, in simple words, it is a belief that women ought to get all the rights that men get. With the help of this ideology, women all across the world want to establish a sense of equality in every field, breaking all the stereotypes.

10 Interesting Feminism Essay Ideas For Your Next Assignment!

A lot of students turn to us with several questions like “which are the most popular essay topics on feminism”, “how to write a perfect essay on feminism” etc. My Assignment Services has the answer to each of these questions.

To begin with, let us give you 10 topics that are considered to be the aptest when it comes to drafting impeccable feminism essays.

These are:

black feminism

A Feminism Essay: The Clearer Picture

Coming back to the title “The Ladies finger”, if we ponder deep into its meaning in context to feminism, we would be able to see the journeys of a lot of women such as Aphra Behn, Mary Wollstonecraft and many others who were fully engaged in this movement.

Metaphorically, “The ladies finger” symbolises the wedding ring that a woman is expected to wear in her finger, which ultimately points out to the institution of marriage that is thought to be the sole purpose of a woman’s life!

Let us see how a woman has always found herself as the custodian of this system, with the help of a feminism essay that has been drafted by our English assignment help professionals.

assignment description

In this question, the students were asked to write a feminism essay on the male gaze and consent and sexuality. In all the three movies, you would find a woman who is trapped in the shackles of stereotypical notions of ‘how a woman ought to be’.

This is how our English literature assignment writers began with a concrete start for this essay.

portrayal of women

Discussing the ideas of coerced consent and the portrayal of women in these scenarios, they drafted an impeccable reference essay on feminism for the student. They ended this assignment by portraying women as the strongest who deserve equal opportunities as men.

portrayal of women

By now, it might have been clear to you why we named this blog “The ladies finger”. So, if you require us to help you with this complete feminism essay, or more such ideas, then you can submit your requirements at

Ladder To a Perfect Feminism Essay!

Worry not, as you don’t need to literally climb a ladder for writing a perfect essay on feminism, you just need to take care of some steps that we take for such essays! (Pun intended).

Now coming to the answer of “how to write a perfect feminism essay”, our English literature assignment help experts would explain this to you with the help of this infographic.

Stay away from pseudo-feminism and write neutrally

Now, are you clear? We hope you are. Standing strong in this industry for more than 10 years now, we are always ready with the answers to all your assignment-related problems! Also, you can get your hands on to our lucrative value-added academic services as well. Contact our customer support team today to know more about how we assist students in Australia.

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