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The concept of sustainable development came into force on 1987. Sustainable development focuses on fulfilling the needs of present without affecting the potential needs of future generations. The concept was developed to understand the negative significances on environment which are caused by the industrialisation and population growth. According to our management help experts, Sustainable development is not only about the environment it also includes personal well-being, communities and developing equal opportunities for all. Environment protection, social progress and economic development are the major objectives of sustainable development.

Things Included In Sustainable Development And Sustainability ReportAssessment Answers

Sustainability report is the report published by the organisation which indicates their social, environmental and economic impacts. The report also shows the commitment of organisation towards the sustainability. The reporting can help the organisation to understand and evaluate the impacts on the environment. It provides the platform to the companies so that they can communicate their sustainability performance.

According to our management assignment help experts, the three sphere framework of sustainability are-

Environmental pillar

The environment pillar is the most important aspect of Sustainability. The companies are focusing more on reducing the packaging waste, carbon foot prints and other major things that can affect the environment. However, the companies causes more harm to the environment and they do not accurately disclose the amount of waste generate by them. Environment Sustainability focuses on achieving positive outcomes for environment.

Agriculture sustainability

Agriculture Sustainability focuses on promoting those farming methods which are profitable, environment friendly and good for the societies. The Agriculture sustainability works on new technologies so that they can provide more opportunities to the farmers. The major thing is that the sustainable agriculture should be economically viable. It helps to provide quality crops and facilities to the agriculture industry. The main elements of sustainable agriculture are mixed farming, permaculture, multiple cropping and many more.

Human sustainability

The concept of Human sustainability is developed to improve the quality of life of human being. The Human sustainability consists of environmental factors, sociological factors and resource based factors. The planet contains limited resources for the people so it very important to control the population. The consumption trends also affect the environment at a big level. The excessive use of plastics is also polluting the air.

Economic sustainability

The economic sustainability supports the long term economic growth without affecting the environmental, Social and cultural aspects. It focuses on improving the standard of living. The business should use the assets efficiently so that it helps to maintain the profitability of the business. The major objective of economic sustainability is that it helps to maintain the economic growth at a stable level. The quality of growth matters the most in economic sustainability.

All the pillars are working towards solving the sustainability problems in major areas. It is important to find the solutions for the problem so that the problems can be reduced at certain level. So, these problems need to be discussed in a sustainable development and sustainability report assessment answer.

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