Want toundertake project workbut stuck with the nuances of drafting a perfect project for your assessment? For all the aspiring project managers,BSBPMG522is a great unit to get enrolled in. The assessments provide them with an opportunity to design a project plan, monitor the project, finalise it and rectify the errors so that they are not repeated in future projects.

Ourproject management assignment helpexperts atMy Assignment Serviceshave guided several students on meeting the timeline of their projects and quality standards within the set budget. In this blog, we will be looking at the different assignments that have been recently solved by us for the reference purpose of students who want toundertake project work. Also, we will share a brief approach to write comprehensive solutions forNative Bush Spices Case Study.

BSBPMG522 Undertake Project Work Assignments

BSBPMG522 Assessment 1 Written Questions

The first task is an open book test that you have to complete in your classroom itself. You will get one hour to give the answers to all the written questions correctly.

As these questions would have a lot of instructional words like “identify”, “explain” etc, give answers to only what has been asked from you.

Following are some of the questions that students are asked to answer forBSBPMG522 Assessment 1 Written Questions.

BSBPMG522 Assessment 1 Written Questions

Learn how to acknowledge any source of information using the APA 7th style.

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To complete this assignment successfully, ourproject management assignment helpexperts suggest you analyse, compare, contrast, describe, discuss, evaluate, examine, explain, identify, list, outline and summarise the given questions.

BSBPMG522 Assessment 2 Project Set-Up

InBSBPMG522 Assessment 2, there will be a case study given and you will have to play the role of Marketing Coordinator working in a fictitious firm. Then, you will have to review the given case and based on that develop the scope of a project and management plan toundertake project workwith the operations manager of that company.

This is theNative Bush Spices Australia Case Studythat we were talking about in the earlier section of this blog.

Native Bush Spices Australia Case Study

The reason why most of the students require the guidance of ourproject management assignment writersis because of the lengthy nature of this assignment. There are several steps which need to be taken for completing thisBSBPMG522 Assessment 2 Project Setupsuccessfully.

1. Identify the scope of the project

Firstly, our experts identify all the data that they would need in designing the scope of the project. For this, they note down all the questions that they will be discussing with the Operations Manager.

In addition to this, our professional team of project management experts review all the policies and procedures associated with the project.

2. Design a project management plan

The project scoping document which ourproject management experts prepared is now referred to ‘develop the project management plan’. Several sections are included in the plan like the background, objectives, activities and milestones, budget, risk management plan.

We make sure that this plan talks about at least three associated risks in the project, one of them being related to work health and safety measures. With the help of risk legend, we easily classify the risks in the plan.

3. An E-mail is sent to the assessor

We then send an E-mail to the operations manager (assessor) about all the content and draft project scope and management plan attached. The details of the meeting with the project team are also asked within this mail.

4. Project meeting

All members included in this project management plan are contacted to discuss the project document scope and plan. An outline of the plan is given and feedback from the team is accommodated to make the necessary changes in the plan.

5. Project review

Based on the discussion in the meeting, ourproject management assignment helpexperts revise the plan giving the introduction, scope, legislative and regulatory context, business objectives, risk assessment, stakeholders, resources, reporting, etc. This is saved as ‘final project management plan’.

If you need us to help you with the entireNative Bush Spices Australia Case Study, then this is the perfect time to speak to our experts for guidance on this case study.

BSBPMG522 Assessment 3 Project Development

For the assessment 3 tasks, you need to conduct and check the website development project. The brief that you will draft will help the website developers to prepare the project status report.

Here’s how we do it.

1. Design a brief for a website

Based on theBSBPMG522 assessment 2Native Bush Spices Australia Case Study, the next step is to design a brief including the background, target audience, content, call to action, social media, functional requirements, designs for website development, log, SEO, practical issues like this:

BSBPMG522 assessment 2 Native Bush Spices Australia Case Study

2. Develop a project status report

The above information has to be reviewed and then you need to design a project status report for the same. In this report, ourproject management assignment helpexperts incorporate the progress summary, milestones, budget, risk management strategies and recommendations.

BSBPMG522 Assessment 4 Project Evaluation

In this task, you have to finalise theNative Bush Spices Australia Case Studyproject by designing an evaluation report.

BSBPMG522 Assessment 4 Project Evaluation

Then, you have to meet your team to finalise the project based on this status report. The feedback which your team gives you has to be incorporated in the final record keeping. Here, you need to talk about why you closed the project, a summary of the recommendations, project performance, lessons learnt etc.

BSBPMG522 Assessment 5 Project Reflection

This is the last task which you will have to complete. For this, you need to be aware of a variety of articles and based on the answer the given questions on the findings of the project.

BSBPMG522 Assessment 5 Project Reflection

Ourproject managementexperts have guided a lot of students with these reflections that have provided the perfect closure to their projects. Based on these reflections, the assessors get an idea of how extensive research the student has conducted.

These are the five assessments that are rolled out to students and act as a hurdle in their paths. If you find yourselves stuck with any of these, you can simply rely upon ourproject management assignment writers. With our high-quality reference assignment solutions, each of the tasks becomes a lot easier for students.

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