Management study is a huge area that needs attention to every minuscule concept. Under this broad umbrella, strategic management is one such sub-division that holds equally the same importance as the entire subject itself. This is well-evident in the exponential increase in the number ofcompany analysis assignmentsthat are being rolled out to students nowadays.

To begin with, students need to be aware of the concept ofstrategic analysisfor these assignments. This is why, in this blog, ourstrategic management assignment helpexperts will be assisting you to explore various dimensions of strategic management assessment answersso that you are able to draft better assignments and secure top-notch grades in them.

What Does One Mean by Strategic Analysis?

To put it simply, strategic analysis comes from the words ‘strategic management and company analysis’. Naturally, it deals with formulating effective strategies to give a boost to the operations for a company after conducting extensive research on the working environment of the firm.

As per ourmanagement assignment helpexperts, the way academicians or businessmen define it can vary; what remains constant are some factors which characterize this entire process. These involve:

  1. Recognising and evaluating all the data that are relevant to the company’s strategy point of view, so as to formulate them easily.
  2. Bifurcating both the internal as well as the external environments of the company so that they can be analysed separately
  3. Incorporating different methods for analysing the working environment of an organisation. These include SWOT analysis, value-chain analysis and Porter’s five forces analysis.

Having dealt with all these analytical methods for more than a decade now, ourmanagement assignment writershave gained an in-depth knowledge in all of these. So, if you have any doubts about them, you can always contact us for guidance.

3 Points That Needs To Be Considered While Formulating Strategy For a Company

To develop an effective business strategy, you need to have a very well-defined knowledge of what is the purpose of the firm and how it works. To do this, ourstrategic management helpexperts look at the following points:

  1. Vision: The present conditions of the firms and future course of action (5-10 years)
  2. Mission statement: The niche of business the firm is and its target audience
  3. Values: The fundamental beliefs that the company has which helps in showcasing its ethics and commitments.

Only when you have all of these, you will be able toformulate an effective strategy for an organisation. The aim of strategic analysis is to know about the internal as well as external environments of the company, get details about the present strategies that are being used and to bring forth alternative ones that can benefit the firm more.

How Do OurManagement Assignment Writing Experts Approach aStrategic Management Assessment?

Let us give you some details on how we write strategic management assignments.

Strategic Management Assessment

This is theassessment task 3 company analysisfor which we selected Optus. It requires a 2500-word report to be written in which we included the cover page, executive summary, table of contents, references and appendices. For this assignment, ourmanagement helpexperts chose Optus because it is an existing competitor, due to which we already had access to the strategies that the firm was using until now. Based on this strategy and after analysing the working environment of the company, formulate a new strategy that would better suit the organisation.

This is the process we follow -

Strategic Management Assessment Flow Chat

To devise an effective strategy, ourmanagement assignment writersfirst recognised the strengths and weaknesses of the firm using a variety of frameworks such as VRIN/VRIO framework, SWOT, value chain analysis and more. We also use the BCG Matrix to evaluate the core competencies of the company.

During this process, we also elaborated upon different strategies that included the business-level, cooperative, corporate-level and the international-level strategy. After talking about all of this in detail, our expert team of management professionals evaluate new strategies and also mention some recommendations which enabled them to choose those strategies for the firm.

Talking of the references that we used, ourmanagement assignment helpexperts explore a variety of market intelligence databases, resources of the company chosen, media reports. This is just a brief of how we do such assignments. In case, you require us to help you with the entire solution, then just submit the requirements of the assignment and we will get back to you with the reference assignment solution for the same.

Five Key Aspects Of An Effective Strategy

When you are engaged in the decision-making process, there are certain aspects that you need to consider. Ourassignment helpexperts suggest that there are five elements that you need to focus on while making any decision or formulating strategies for your firm.These are:


This covers those areas where the firm plans to be active. It encompasses all details about the categories of the products to be delivered, the channels that will be used to deliver it, market segments and where they lie, value-creation stages


This is the area that will brief you about the things that distinguish you from your competitors. These include the brand image, prices, customization, how reliable is your product, etc.


Here, everything about the internal development, acquisitions, joint ventures of the firm, alliances, licensing and franchising of the firm are explored.

Staging and Pacing

Under this section, you will need to talk about the speed at which you decide to move. For instance, how much time you will take to expand and the sequence of initiatives that you will be taking to promote expansion.

Economic logic

All the details about the returns are mentioned in this part. Here, you will need to ponder over finding the lowest costs, premium prices without compromising with the quality so on.

As per ourmanagement assignment helpexperts, when you have these 5 key aspects satiated, you will naturally prepare the best strategies when performing the company analysis. If you are facing any issues with these elements, it is the perfect time to get in touch with us so that we are able to clarify this for you and thereby, help you prepare better assignments.

Wondering How To Begin Writing aStrategic Management Assessment Answer? Contact Us For Guidance!

Though we have tried to touch upon every aspect of thisstrategic management company analysis assignment, there remains a substantial amount of topics and concepts that are yet to be explained. This is due to the extensive nature of the strategic management field.

However,My Assignment Servicesmaintains a dedicated panel ofmanagement assignment helpexperts who have educational degrees in management from renowned universities in Australia. Naturally, they are profoundly experienced in handling all the assignment perils of students related to this topic. For more than ten years now, students have contacted us for guidance on several tricky and tedious concepts related to strategic management.

To top it all, ourmanagement assignment helpexperts have actively provided reference assignment solutions to students in various domains and branches of management which clearly depicts the extensive knowledge we possess in different areas of study. Place an order with us and get your hands on a perfectly-written assignment assuring desired grades!

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