It’s that time of year when you ought to take out all your greens and get dressed up to celebrate St. Patrick’s day! The day is observed every year on 17th March. During this time, it is quite common to see a lot of parades and good luck charms around you. Eventually, St. Patrick’s day began as a religious holiday, but with time, it is seen as an important event to pay tribute to the glorifying culture of Ireland.

The first celebration of St. Patrick’s day dates back to march 17, 1631. It is the death anniversary of St. Patrick in the fifth century. The bishop and patron saint of Ireland is known for bringing Christianity to Ireland. Also, St. Patrick is credited and held responsible for the Christianization of the Picts and the Anglo-Saxons.

He is also known for two of his reputed works, which are a spiritual biography known as the ‘Confessio’ and a doctrine on the brutalities of the British on the Irish Christians known as the ‘Letter to Coroticus’. 17th March, every year has become an occasion to celebrate for the Irish people with a wide variety of food items, music, drinking, dancing, and green. In this blog, we will deal with St. Patrick’s Day to let you know the salient features of this event in Ireland. Let us begin.

A Young Patrick Finds God!

You would be surprised to know that St. Patrick has been himself an atheist throughout the time when he was a child. However, this mindset changed because of one incident that took place in his life. When he was able to escape from the hands of his kidnappers, he understood that God is there to protect him and deliver him safely to his home.

Since then, he believed in God and this is when he got interested in bringing Christianity to Ireland.

Who was St. Patrick? Hear It From Our Experts!

St. Patrick

He is the national apostle of Ireland. Interestingly, he was not born here; St. Patrick lived during the fifth century and was born in Roman Britain. When he was just 16 years old, he had been kidnapped and brought to Ireland as a slave. Although he was able to escape, later on, he came back to Ireland again and brought Christianity to Ireland.

After he died, several mythologies centering his life came to the surface and ingrained in the culture of the Irish people. One of the most intriguing ones includes the explanation of the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and holy spirit) with the help of Shamrock which is a kind of Irish clover.

When Did It All Begin?

All over the world, the event attracts enormous attention. Therefore, it becomes imperative to know the actual time when St. Patrick was first observed. It was during the ninth or the tenth century that the Irish people celebrated this Roman Catholic feast day on 17th March.

Interestingly, the first parade of this event has not been recorded in Ireland but in America. It has been observed that there was a parade held in St. Augustine, Florida on 17th March 1601. After a century, those home-sick soldiers who were serving the English military evaded to New York on March 17, 1722, in respect of the great patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. From here on, St. Patrick Day is celebrated every year on this date.

Do You Know How St. Patrick’s Day Grew All Across The World?

With the march of the soldiers to New York, the event got recognition in different parts of the world, other than Ireland as well. Within the next 35 years, Irish patriotism grew even in the minds of American Immigrants. As a result, several “Irish Aid” societies grew up. Some of these were:

  • The Hibernian society
  • Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick

With the spread of such societies all across the globe, St. Patrick’s took its course and became an important historic event in Irish history.

get your green on

How Do People Celebrate St Patrick’s Day All Around The World?

From Ireland, it took no time for this event to reach almost every household in Canada, Australia, United States as well. Although North America celebrates it largely, it would be no exaggeration to say that this day is celebrated all over the world. Even the people in distant regions from Ireland like Russia, Japan, and Singapore celebrate this day.

Here are some of the salient features of St. Patrick’s Day:

  1. The recipes of this event include champ, Irish soda bread, cabbage, and corned beef.
  2. People usually get their greens out and wear them on this day.
  3. Initially, it was mandated by the Irish laws to ban the pubs on 17th March
  4. Tourism flourished during this time in Ireland

What Is The Relationship Between A Shamrock And St. Patrick’s Day?

It is believed that St. Patrick made use of the three leaves of the Shamrock to explain the teachings of the Holy Trinity. According to him, the three leaves of the Shamrock represent the trinity, that is, the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. Although these three are different people, together they are one divine being (God).

This is the reason, you will be able to see Shamrock everywhere around the time of St. Patrick’s day.

Did You Know?

  • In the beginning, the blue color was associated with this day. With time, Green replaced blue and is now being favored.
  • In the American colonies, people first witnessed the St. Patrick’s Day parade in New York on 17th March 1762
  • This day is also seen as the traditional day to plant peas.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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