SRQ763 Legal Risk Management Essay Answer
April 06, 2019
Author : Charles Hill

Are you a student studying the SRQ763 unit and are in need of the legal risk management essay answer? Then you are at the right place because My Assignment Services’ law assignment help experts are going to aid you. You will learn how to write the SRQ763 legal risk management essay answer and then prepare your assignment answer.

SRQ763 Essay Sample

Since I am going to give a brief of the essay answers, it is essential that you first check that you and I are on the same track. Here is the question file of the SRQ763 legal risk management essay answer I prepare -

image1.1 (1)

If you have the same question, then you are the luckiest kid in the world today. If your question file differs from the one above, you do not need to feel low. You can still use this blog as a reference to write your own SRQ763 legal risk management essay answers.

Without more unwanted talks, let us straight away dive into how to write this essay.

1- Write down the details you get from the question file

The first thing that any contract law assignment writer does is to read the question and note down all the important details that they get from the question. The advantage? Using this, they are able to prepare a draft essay outline that they are going to follow.

Now you might be thinking who has this much time. Well, they are expert writers, they can do that.

2- Plan your introduction

If you haven’t heard this before, hear it now - the introduction is the first thing that the professor is judging your entire essay on. If the introduction is not great, there is less probability that the professor is going to read your essay with much interest. He already has made up his mind of what grade you are going to earn.

For SRQ763 legal risk management essay answer, you have to mention the following things in the introduction -

  1. Definition of contracts using a secondary literature source
  2. Defining what is the purpose of this essay
  3. Mentioning what you are expecting to obtain as the result in the essay

Here is what I wrote in the introduction section of my SRQ763 legal risk management essay answer.

3- Explain ‘right-for-purpose’ contracts

When you are explaining the right-for-purpose contracts, you should keep in mind that you -

  1. Define what elements make up a contract
  2. How these elements would hold true in a construction contract
  3. Check if these principles of contract apply in Australia as per the laws
  4. What is the repercussion of breach of these contracts

Here is the sample for reference from my SRQ763 legal risk management essay answer.

4- Refer to secondary literature to affirm the risks and complexities

There are always some risks involved with the contracts. As an upcoming contract law professional, you should be proficient in finding what these risks are, how they can arise, and what contingencies should be in place to combat them.

Highlight the primary risks in a construction project that the stakeholders can be exposed to. Along with that, the complexities that can arise any time in the future of the construction project should be discussed.

This is how you will frame this section in your SRQ763 legal risk management essay answer.

5- Case Laws - this is where your skills come in

Using the examples of the various case laws, you are going to draw your inference on what can we expect from a construction contract. Using these, you need to mention how the parties involved with the contract should have behaved and to whom does the clauses apply.

Here is an example of one case law that SRQ763 legal risk management essay answer had -

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