The government and policy makers rely on the industry professionals to suggest improvements for the life and well being of their children. The professionals play an important role in this. To develop your competencies in this area, the universities give assignments asking you to analyse the underlying factors. That is why My Assignment Services is explaining this assignment writing Help.

I am going to explain the various social, cultural and historical factors that have an impact on learning experiences.

1.Social Factors

There are a lot of social factors that are affecting the learning process of the children. The primary ones are -

i.Intellectual flexibility

In the year 1992, a research was conducted by someone named Werner who found that the social and economic well being of any person is accompanied by the intellectual personality of the person.

ii.Language development

When a person is healthy, he or she is able to speak clearly. If children are unable to speak properly or have poor speech, chances are that they are vulnerable to emotional and behavioural difficulties.

iii.Emotional support

Several researches have been conducted over the years which highlight the importance of emotional support. Emotional support for children can include -

  • Encouraging the children to explore
  • Award and celebrate any development feat
  • Offer guidance
  • Protect them from unfair punishment and teasing

2.Cultural Factors

With the onset of globalisation, a larger proportion of the students are moving across border for international higher education. This incoming and rising flux of international students also brings with itself a mix of culture from various nationalities and ethnicity.

The cultural factors affecting the learning processes of the children are -

i.Most of the students are not native English speakers

It has been found that more than 60% of the international students speak a language other than English at home.

ii.Prior learning backgrounds

The students have different teaching methods and practices they have adopted and followed since their childhood.

iii.Competence in communication

The students, as majority are not native English speakers, also face problems in communication with the locals. It has been found that they are insecure while approaching the locals of the country and many of them also develop inferiority complex due to bullying.

iv.Attitude of teaching staff

The teaching staff in Australia is also culturally diverse to not allow any prejudices to sweep in. However, there are some instances when the cultural difference of the students and the teachers act as a barrier to the learning process.

3.Historical Factors

There are a lot of historical factors which are, directly or indirectly, responsible for the development of the students. They are -

i.Aboriginal society

The exclusion of the Aboriginals in Australia over the years made them culturally disadvantages as compared to the modern world. Moreover, having a lack of education restricted their transition into a dominant culture.


Another major factor that has hindered the learning of the students over the years is the misconception of the programmes being offered. This problem is highly faced in the technical education institutions where the students think that technical education is a career for the less than average students.

iii.Curriculum experts

The availability of the teaching experts have been a issue for a long time. That is why the governments are focusing on improving the quality and qualifications of the people exporting knowledge to the students. This also makes the country a knowledge based economy and affects the learning standards of the country.

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