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August 17, 2020
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Society is a perplexing phenomenon of amalgamation of chaos and calm that generates a vivid experience of societal development and progression for the participants. Some may take responsibility and directly contribute to the betterment of society. At the same time, some would be silent contributors and facilitate those changes by seamlessly adopting progressive ideas put forward by the leaders of the change. But, at the same time, society is also full of polarities that twist and bend our traditions, pull us out of the comfort zone and, sometimes, divide the nation into the different schools of thought. Though polarities impart meaning to our existence and enrich our experience of living in a multicultural society, understanding various schools of ideas, and being able to analyse them is a coveted quality to become the leader of tomorrow. 

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Five Basic Sociological Perspectives; Marxism, Feminism, Social Action, Neo Modernism/Postmodernism and Functionalism

In terms of a Ph.D. scholar, Marxism is a dialectical materialistic school of thought. Contrary to other socialists theories, Marxism is not based on perfect, idealistic scenarios but stems from the practice of socialists ideology by the method of trial and error. It is open to self-criticism, and its practice can be improved without a complete rejection of the theory. 


It is a popular alternative to capitalism. In capitalist economies, the businesses, services, and goods are produced and delivered by capitalist businessmen that work for their profit. These capitalists men hire work-force to provide products on scales and give the workforce a monthly compensation. The workforce does not have any authority over any of the assets of the organisation and has no say in the decision making. Whereas, in a Marxist world, the businesses, production units, and service providers are owned by the masses or the public, so everyone has an equal right on them. The primary motive of this kind of economic system is the well being of people instead of profits!


Feminism is endorsed as the foundational stone for the perfect world that works for all. As idealistic as it may sound, the ideas and philosophies of feminism have grown more reliable and more profound over the years. People no longer recognise feminism as a movement for women’s rights or giving power to women, but people now see feminism as a synonym to equality. Though there are too many versions of feminism, and each individual understands it in one’s capacity, the foundational ideology behind feminism is to construct a world that is tolerant for everyone. Feminists dream of a world where there are no creeds, no casts, and no races to divide us. However, the task of quantifying the proportion of fulfilment of the foundational goals by feminists in practice should be best left for conspiracy theorists and debaters to pick up. 


Postmodernism is a broad school of thought that came into existence in the late 20th century. It bids farewell to modernist ideas. It questions the traditional knowledge and narrow definitions of morals, values, and societal etiquettes. Postmodernists tend to be sceptical of the “fit for all” ideologies, statements, and policies. They believe that every individual is different and can every community have a different status and privileges by law. Though it has been debated that postmodernism is a gateway to Nihilism, the efficacy of the practice as an economic and societal model is not well-established. 


Unlike other concepts of feminism, marxism, or postmodernism, Functionalism takes the mental state of individuals into account. According to functionalism, humans are defined by their mental states, and their mental states are defined by their actions; what they do. 

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The below-mentioned report aims to evaluate inequality in Australia. Equality, human rights, and quotient of accessibility of opportunities is a major issue that is discussed generally in the sociology questionnaires. Every democratic country is supposed to ensure the accessibility to the basic human rights and freedom to every citizen of the country. This includes implementation of non-discriminatory policies and strict actions against groups/individuals that tend to abuse their privileges or discriminate with fellow humans on the basis of caste, race, and religion.

Sociology Assignment Sample Sociology Assignment Sample 2

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