As the living standard of people has improved substantially around the world, there is also a subsequently growing need for improving the quality of goods and services rendered to the consumers. Service consciousness has emerged as one of the most important features of the services rendered to the customers. Where the kinds of services rendered to the customers are diversified and follow a versatile trend, it is important to constantly monitor the quality and efficacy of the service. 

The newfound competition between various services is also a direct result of the growing service consciousness among the service providers. This is in the interest of consumers around the world. More service-conscious businesses mean that the companies are constantly striving to achieve the customer’s confidence through better management strategies. In the bid to gain the trust of the customers, companies devise more plans and strategies which gives the end customer greater bargaining power with the seller. Therefore, SDM404 Service Quality Evaluation And Analysis Of Service Management Strategies has become an important focus for modern-day businesses in their effort to expand their clientele and retain their existing customer base.


What is the need for Service Quality Evaluation?

The biggest need for service quality evaluation stems from the fact that there are new businesses that are constantly coming to the fore to replace the old incumbents from their position. There are a number of organizations that pay extra attention to the profit component while ignoring the quality and efficacy of their own services. This is especially true for the quality and standard of the after-sale service. After making a purchase of an item, the customers are often given a phone number or email address to reach out in case of queries or concerns. It is important to constantly improve on the quality of telephone services as well as the turn-around time taken to respond to the customers’ concerns. It is pertinent to note that there are variegated aspects of “customer response”.

  • First response: The first response involves taking a note of the customer’s query and identifying the problem faced by the customer. The first response is extremely important as the representative is required to provide a customer (usually irate) with the assurance that the company will be taking the required measures to fix the problem.
  • Another important element of the first response is that the customer must be provided with a complaint number and a very specific timeline of action.
  • Follow-Up Response: It includes entertaining the query of the customer and providing the customers with an actual response about the status of their complaint or query. Follow-up responses must be empathetic and concise. Instead of beating around the bush, it is important for the customer care representative to be direct and forthcoming about the action that has been taken to the complainant’s application.
  • Closure: Closure involves paying due consideration to all aspects of the customer’s query or concern. While closing a complaint, it is important that the customer care representatives also act proactively and ensure that all the aspects of the complaint have been acted upon. The representative can also provide the customer with additional information about the necessary steps that have been taken to resolve his or her problem.

Service Quality Evaluation

The SERVQUAL Evaluation Method

While rendering customer service to the customers, it is important to understand that there is a need to establish a logical and objective evaluation of the quality of services. Therefore, it is important to take into account the actual expectations of the customers. This identification of the actual service requirements, as well as the evaluation of the existing quality of services rendered to the customer, is a part of the larger service program called SERVQUAL.

The introduction of service efficacy is the most fundamental factor in ascertaining that the service meets a certain level of quality and assurance. SERVQUAL introduces genuine indices that can be used to measure, ascertain and ensure optimal quality and efficacy of services. SERVQUAL ensures just that! It is directly related to the specific demands of the customers. It is one of the most important requirements of customer service. 

To ensure sustained improvement and enhancement in the quality of service, it is important to focus on the essential elements of service quality and management. It is also equally important to ensure that the services are administered properly as per the requirements of the customers. 

In the case of the "customer-focused" concept of service, it is important to lay focus on empowering the customers and to allow them to participate in the assessment and evaluation of the overall quality and efficiency of the services rendered to the end customers.

The Salient Features of SERVQUAL

Servqual is a patented body of principles and general directives for the purpose of improving the telephone base customer services to meet the actual needs of the customers. Customer care through the telephonic mode is extremely important for the purpose of identifying and implementing methods of quality improvement and process enhancement. Here are some of the most salient features of the SERVQUAL:

Servqual is focused on working on the quality of customer services in order to devise a set procedure that meets the exact and precise requirements of the customers. Another objective of integrating the customer service mechanism with the principles of SERVQUAL is to ensure that the customer response of the business is in sync with the competition in the industry.

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