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Scope of ICT policy and procedures avail at My Assignment Services
August 13, 2020
Author : Kevin

In the modern age that we live in, Information technology and communication are at the centre of all human endeavours. There is nothing that has touched the lives of people like technology. From time immemorial, people have connected to one another through letters, newspapers, and later through broadcasts and telephones. Information sharing has always been an important part of human life. Being able to connect to one another and to be able to share one’s thoughts has been an intrinsic human requirement. With the advent of groundbreaking new technologies, the human capacity to reach out to one another has grown manifold. 

Technology is touching the life of people everywhere. The last few decades have seen various milestones in terms of technological progress. The IT sector has given the world many path-breaking technologies that have revolutionized the way the world is sharing information. The Internet has brought about a paradigm shift in people's lives. The changes and developments in these technologies touch the lives of billions of people. However, their availability, accessibility and terms of use are decided by a handful of people. Governments, businesses, and civil servants together decide the scope and accessibility of information technology in any geography. Studying Information technology and communications policies can help you understand the specifications of the technologies available as well as the scope of access to such technologies. 

Information technology and communications - policies and procedures

So, What Is The ICT Policy?

Now a layperson will tell you that it is the local statutory policy governing the IT sector. Although information technology has touched everyone in some way or another, many people remain removed from the meaning of the ICT policy. The new mediums of communications however necessitate at least a basic knowledge of the ICT procedures and policies. 

Until a few decades back, print media was the predominant medium of communication and exchange of information. In the past few years, however, technological innovation took over all spheres of trade, commerce, policy-making, and even social life. Given the outreach and the speed of communication, a new genius was born. The world never looked back at the old ways of communication and as a result, vast institutions became redundant overnight. These technologies are now an integral part of our contemporary society.

Information technology and communications policies describe by experts

What is common in most technologies is the use of the internet. The Internet is the essential focal point for a number of technologies. For those who do not understand how it works, the simplest definition is that it is a network of servers or web servers throughout the world. The primary purpose of the internet is sharing information. It distributes the information into small packets and transports them through its network of servers. Check out these excerpts from some of our writers’ recent work. These assignments have been written on the subject of ICT procedures and policies.

Here’s a sample ICT Policy and Procedures assessment that My Assignment Services’ experts submitted to a student recently:

ICT Policy and Procedures assessment sample ICT Policy and Procedures assessment sample 2 ICT Policy and Procedures assessment sample 3

Here are Some Perplexing Facts About the Internet

Do you know that digital movies will soon be distributed and screened in cinemas using the internet?  Do you know that an average person spends around 10 hours online or that 5 billion google searches are performed every day? The internet is a vast continuum of information, free software, music, images and videos. While many are available freely on the internet, others can be accessed after a payment.

To add to both its complexity and merit, the internet can also be accessed by mobile phones. Thus, through the internet, most technologies of the world have gotten interrelated. The new technologies are increasingly converging with the internet. The Telecommunications sector is also highly dependent on computer technology and the internet. All other sectors of the economies of the world right from banking to industries and from stock markets to consumer goods industries are all dependent upon the internet. 

In terms of impacting the social life of people, the internet has brought about a revolutionary change. Various software tools and social media channels that are widely used by people around the world, use the internet to function. Social media allows people to connect to each other no matter where they are based across the world. Telephone calls are also now increasingly being made over the internet. They are using the Voice over Internet Protocol technology to reduce costs, improve the customer experience, and provide efficient and expedient services to the users. 

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