Immigrants across the globe have significantly increased in numbers. But where do these immigrants mostly go and what is the reason that they choose to land their career there? To answer these questions, it is of primary importance that you understand all the factors that attract immigrants to a place. But before anything, have you ever thought that how immigration impacts in one’s life. Is immigration good or bad? Let us first attend the parameters that either let you chose to settle in else’s country or make you serve your own nation’s frontline.

Some argue that immigrants flood across borders, steal jobs, are a burden on taxpayers and threaten indigenous culture. Others talk on the another extreme: that immigration boosts economic growth, meets skill shortages, and helps create a more dynamic society.

The evidence clearly shows that immigrants provide significant economic benefits. In fact, immigrants in the United States have been founders of companies such as Google, Intel, PayPal, eBay, and Yahoo!However, there are local and short-term economic and social costs.


So, if you look at the brighter side, there are a number of cons of immigration. Now the main topic jots on, “which is the best place for immigration?”. To examine and rank the countries based on their performance across different categories, the British public service broadcaster uses indexes including the World Justice Project’sRule of Law Index, the World Bank’sGovernance Indexand theSocial Progress Indexsurvey residents.

So here, we unwrap the list wherein six countries all over the globe are at the top of the class

  • Australia: Education makes up over 5% of the national GDP. According to UN, students go to school for around 20 years in Australia. Australia is the most preferred country by the engineers since the average growth of engineers in Australia is 4% more than in any other country overseas. But the whole point is, that the immigration to Australia is not that easy. This is because the candidates are required to submit CDR report, in which, half of the population of aspiring immigrants fail to get approval for immigration. Realising this, Australia-based company, My Assignment Services took an initiative to render CDR writing help services. With the help of the best experts’ guidance, you can successfully fly to Australia and settle for life. Isn’t that so great?


  • Switzerland: Next ranked high in overall health, with an average life expectancy of 83 years, is Switzerland. One of the most beautiful countries in the world, with relatively low unemployment, the strong Swiss franc and a need for highly qualified workers have all contributed to rising immigration.
  • Norway: Norway has ranked highest in the standard of living, life expectancy, education, and, boasts an average life expectancy of 82 years. Ranging from the peaceful environment that Norway has to offer to the best people you find as Norwegians, it has also been one of the most secure places to work, especially for women.
  • Canada: If you know, both the United States and Canada rank highly across all indexes, but Canada scores higher in political stability and lack of violence or terrorism. In fact, Canada comes close to many of the Scandinavian countries in its near-perfect scores, including access to nutrition and medical care, as well as to basic knowledge and personal rights.
  • Denmark: With the very manageable population of just under six million people, Denmark has been reported to be the happiest country in the world. With near-perfect scores on the ‘Basic Human Needs’ ranking last year, which includes meeting the nutritional and medical needs of its citizens, Norway attracts hundred a dozen immigrants every year.

But no matter where you finally migrate, one should keep a note of the points.


  1. All these countries are developed countries and have a recognition around the world
  2. The difference could climatic, population or tax rules in each country
  3. Chances of attacks, racism, and, crime are prevalent in all these countries at a moderate rate
  4. Rules are strong, the administration takes their work seriously
  5. Whatever has been promised, does not mean you will rightfully get it. You need to understand the terms clearly and work hard for it
  6. No job is easy, hard work is appreciated and rewarded.
  7. Every job is treated with respect. Be it low-income or high income
  8. If you are from developing country like India, you will always be a second-class citizen even if you are a citizen out there and have contributed more to society. Indians have gained a mixed reputation outside impacting many future prospects.

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