Supply chain modelling has always been an imperative part of management. This is why it has been in continuous use for more than four decades now. However, the spectrum of the supply chain is humungous due to which it is not possible to capture all its aspects.

To make it easier, our management experts are here to explain various approaches of supply chain modelling that is used in solving the OMGT2287 Supply Chain Modelling and Design Assessment 2 business solution. The experts at My Assignment Services will not only guide you with the various concepts related to your assignment topics but also provide relevant examples and samples to make it clearer.

What Are The 3 Supply Chain Management Approaches Used In These Assignments?

Supply chain management (SCM) is how well you manage the flow of goods and services. All the processes that contribute to converting raw materials into finished goods are included in this process. Under this, the aim is to maximise customer value and gain an upper hand in a competitive environment.

The assignments that students receive under this topic can become complex and time-consuming. There are 3 approaches that are majorly used in these assignments. So, if you wish to write OMGT2287 management assignment 2 business solutions like an expert, then you first need to know about them in brief.

These are:

1. Network design

This approach talks upon the place where the product is situated, stocking, facilities of sourcing and the path that is followed by the material flowing through them. These huge models are such that they are set at the beginning of the supply chain model. One advantage that network models get is that since its in the beginning, it can easily determine many things for supply chain management model. For instance, details about the location, production, various strategies for transportation and inventory.

However, since this model is huge, it takes a lot of time for this to develop. Naturally, all the decisions that are taken by these models are less operational and more strategic in nature.

2. Rough cut method

This is a model that has been used widely in this industry. Most of the models that come under this follow an inventory management perspective. Also, rough-cut capacity planning is initiated in this model. This is why the rough-cut method is also known as ‘multi-level’ inventory.

3. Simulations

This is the most common type of modelling used by people. Being one of the most dynamic models, it is the best one to study the ever-changing nature of supply chain management.

So, these were the three approaches used by our management assignment help experts in writing this particular OMGT2287 assessment task 2. If you are unclear with these approaches, then you can submit your requirements at My Assignment Services.

OMGT2287 Supply Chain Modelling And Design Assignment Solution

Now that you are aware of the approaches that are used in these assignments, it is the right time to let you know the basic approach that is followed by our management assignment writers when they draft reference assignment solutions for students. With the help of a supply chain modelling and design assessment example, it would become clearer.

So, let us start.

Management Assessment Task

So as you can see in the image above, there are five questions in the OMGT2287 management assessment task. We recently provided this reference assignment solution to a student who had placed the order by visiting our website and filling up the form.

First of all, our professionals conduct research on the different types of logistics that need to be incorporated into these assignments.

These are:

  1. Military logistics
  2. Medical logistics
  3. Business logistics

Based on the context, the solution is written. For instance, this assignment is based on business logistics. Therefore, all the theories and practices of business logistics systems in logistics management are included in the solution.

Based on this, the supply chain and logistics systems are developed to enhance the efficiency of the management process within the chosen organisation.

After this, the contemporary environment of the business is studied and different mathematical models are used to solve all the problems that are existing in that particular environment. Thereon, our management help experts devise effective communication techniques to put forth their viewpoints with the people associated with logistics systems.

Then, based on the data collected, our professionals help students develop various strategies to meet the objectives of the firm in the OMGT2287 assignments. We complete the assignment by relating technology with the decision-making process that takes place in the logistics system.

Facing Problem in Writing OMGT2287 Supply Chain Modelling and Design Assignments? Speak to Our Expert Today!

Supply chain management has always been the heart of management studies. This is why the majority of students who need guidance from management experts, hand over these assignments to us. Having an experience of more than 10 years in writing all types of management assessments, we make sure that the solution that reaches you is of the highest quality. Not just this, you can have personalised guidance from our teams on any of the topics that you are not able to complete easily or on the deadline. My Assignment Services is a company that has learned management assignment help experts who can help you score well in this OMGT2287 assignment task. To speak to our experts, simply call or text us on the number given on our website.

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