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A Christmas Carol by My Assignment Services

I am sure you all have read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. But have you read ours?


Don’t worry, here it comes. I hope you like it.

It was a Christmas night and Scrooge closed the books and took a deep breath. He was checking out various Christmas gift boxes placed here and there with assignments. He sighed in disbelief and turned to leave. At that moment, his pal came running and asked him if Scrooge would like to study with him and his friends to complete the assignment. Scrooge gave him a crooked smile and said, “I never do my assignments”. As he settled down by the window having a sip of his beer, browsing Christmas offers on mobile phones and thinking about the things that he will do this holiday, the door flung open. He turned around to see that it was his professor. The professor who had always begged him to submit an assignment. The professor looked pale and had turned white. He came near Scrooge and settled down. He waved his hands and Christmas deals online by My Assignment Services opened up. Scrooge looked at him, “What is this? Don’t you know that I still don’t do my assignments?” The professor got up and turned to him “I know you don’t but you soon will. Tonight, you will be visited by the spirits of the assignments. Be ready”, and vanished. Scrooge sat still, staring at the Xmas gift vouchers being displayed.

The clock struck 12 and the lights went out. The wind blew and the Ghost of Assignment Present came in. It was massive and dark in shadow, with a little torch emitting from it. It took Scrooge’s hand and jumped out the window.

The Ghost flew taking Scrooge with him. The entire city was busy taking advantage of the special offer by My Assignment Services and pre-booking their assignments. Scrooge looked at the Ghost of Assignment Present and saw the pending assignment in its eyes. They came back and landed in Scrooge’s room. “I hope you saw all the assignments that you have to do and will be doing something about it. The Ghost of Assignment Past will be visiting you at 3. Goodbye” and it flew away.

A Christmas promotion pamphlet came in when Scrooge was thinking about the assignments he had to do. As he picked it up and blowed the dust off, a thin figure emerged from the dust. “Ah, you must be the Ghost of Assignment Past.” “Yes, I am.” It took Scrooge’s hand and they went into a trance. Scrooge could see all the assignments that he got and didn’t submit before. He could see the grades he lost because of a poor-quality assignment and not submitting the assignments. He could see Christmas offer passing by and he still not doing an assignment.

The assignments came running but Scrooge ignored them, every time. He was feeling sorry for the assignments he didn’t do. “You thought it was only you who was affected when you chose not to do an assignment? No, there are so many people. And you didn’t even take Christmas deals online to get them done.”, said the Ghost. Scrooge was sad and was looking down. Then the trance ended and he was back in his room. The Ghost got up and said “The Ghost of Assignment Yet to Come will be coming at 6.”, and flew away.

A heaviness surrounded the room and the air grew heavier. The Christmas offers on mobile phones were no longer audible. Darkness loomed in and a dark figure emerged from the shadows. Scrooge bent down on his knees, trembling. The Spirit moved heavily and chains rattled from the feet. Nothing was visible on the Spirit except two bone-like hands. It produced a cloak from the gown and threw it over Scrooge. Scrooge felt gloom taking over and the Spirit beside him. He looked down and there were all the assignments he will get. He failing in every one of them and was getting thrown out by the university. No Christmas gift card was able to save him. He looked at the Spirit and said, “I don’t want this to happen. Please tell me what do I have to do.” He was back in the room and all the Ghost said in a stern voice, “You need to mend your ways and have to do assignments from now on.”

“But I cannot do assignments, I have so many other engagements and priorities. Is there no way that I can save all my future assignments?”

“There is one Christmas offer by My Assignment Services which you can take.”

What Is This Christmas Offer?

My Assignment Services wishes you all a Merry Christmas and asks you to let bygones be bygones and focus on the future. This is in the form of a new special offer that we have launched.

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