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The most commonly asked assignment help in this subject is the blog and essay writing assignment. In this blog post, I am going to tell what issues are there in the work-life of employees, what solutions are there, and the theories of diversity & inclusion.

The Work-life Issues in Employees

Students needing human resource management assignment help need to know what are the work-life issues among the employees. This gives a lot of information to write in the assignments. Some issues are minor while some are really serious when looked at from the perspective of the employees. The most common issues are -

Working More Than Defined Time

It is seen that a lot of employees work more than the time they are supposed to or that is given in the job description. When asked, a lot of employees say that the reason for this is that the work is urgent and that they have to complete it no matter what. Several people comment that their boss calls them after the office to take care of an urgent file or a document that needs to be prepared for the office the next day. The supervisors show a lack of understanding here when the employees have to extend their working hours for the organization unwillingly.

What can be Done?

When the employees are working more than their designated time in the workplace, the company can invest in their well-being. The most common way of doing this is to make a play area for the employees. There are sleeping rooms available for those who have tasks that are urgent and don’t allow them to go home for sleep. They also get breaks in between their shifts to grab lunch or a quick nap or a smoke.

Increasing Stress Among The Employees

In the fast-moving world of today, everyone wants to outshine each other and excel. You also follow the same philosophy when you have to write your human resource management assignments. The faster you run, the more miles you will be able to cover before the world runs you over. This philosophy is prevalent among the people of the 21stcentury. This has caused an environment of the rat race. The companies are pushing their limits and their employees to work more and generate more revenue and profit. This is one of the reasons why people are more and more suffering from problems like hypertension, stress, and other mental health problems even from a young age.

What Should be Done?

There are several ways of how stress can be managed in this non-stop world. The most common ways include giving the employees -

Weekend off

When the employees stay relaxed during the weekend, they are able to clear their heads of old ideas. New ideas and new excitement fill their mind and body on the next working day due to which they are able to work more.

Company outings

Company outings are one of the best ways to boost employee morale. It also allows the employees to know each other better in a non-stressful environment. Depending upon the budget set by the management of the company, the outing can be as simple as a visit to the zoo or as extravagant as a beach party.

Flexible working hours

Sleep is a factor that most of people have compromised on in the recent few years. Therefore, not everyone is capable of working the way they are supposed in a time frame of morning 9 to evening 6. At such a time, employees want that they get the privilege of flexible working hours in which they have to complete the work till the deadline, irrespective of the fact that they spend 10 hours at the office or 1 hour.

Theory for Cultural Difference

The most commonly accepted theory for this is Hofstede’s cultural dimensions theory. The theory is needed in places where a multinational corporation is working with people of various ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. Cultural difference has often posed as a barrier to communication. When communication faces problems, the ability of managers to build a network and motivate their teams is hindered. The six different dimensions of culture identified in the theory are -

  1. Power distance index
  2. Individualism v/s collectivism
  3. Masculinity v/s femininity
  4. Uncertainty avoidance index
  5. Long v/s short term orientation
  6. Indulgence v/s restraint

Theory of Diversity and Inclusion

Companies see diversity in their workforce as a way to expand themselves and gain the insight of a wider population of various demographics. Hence, there are some theories that define the way this diverse population of employees should be managed in a workplace

Institutional Theory of Diversity Management

This theory says that when you have to identify the structure of the organisation, you must take into consideration the social structure that exists in the organisation. To understand the structure of the organisation, the employees’ behaviour as per the norms and rules of the organisation is also an important factor.

Resource-Based Theory of Diversity Management

This theory discusses the effect of diversity in the resources of the organisation. The four major categories of the organisation resources are -

  • Physical capital
  • Financial capital
  • Human capital
  • Corporate capital resources

These resources can either assist or inhibit the operations of the organisation. Organisations attempt to use these resources in ways that will, of course, assist and improve business.

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