In the broad subject of finance, there are a plethora of theoretical principles and requirements that play a crucial role in for-profit corporate organisations. Related to this, employees have to take a lot of financial decisions.MPF753is a unit that helps students in making wise financial decisions so that they can create value within the organisational boundaries, thereby maintaining the sustainability of the company they are working in.

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In this blog, we will be giving you a brief overview on a variety of concepts like an investment, payout decisions, financing and capital structure with the help of a referenceMergers and Acquisitions case study assessment answerthat is set within the context of the frameworks under Australia and international finance.

What Are The Assessments That You Will Need To Complete Under MPF753?

Primarily, there are two modes of assessments that will come your way when you get yourselves enrolled under this unit. One will be the final examination that will constitute 70% marks of the overall marks for the unit.

The second assessment that you will have to complete is an assignment that will contribute 30% marks of the overall marks of the unit.

While you can direct your focus on the examination part, ourfinance assignment helpexperts can lessen the burden off your shoulder by guiding you with the assignment.

Hence, let’s talk about the case study that thedepartment of financeof Deakinuniversity has rolled out to students for the assignment.

Mergers’And Acquisitions Case Study

For this task, you are required to write a 2500-words report. First, you need to be thorough with the background of the mergers’ and acquisitions. Through this assessment, the professors would test your command over the calculation of stock returns with the help of which you will be able to give ananalysis of the Australian Mergers and Acquisition market.

Also, this assignment will demonstrate your ability to calculate and draw comparisons betweenpercentage stock returns. Based on this, you are expected toevaluate the financial performance of the companies’ acquisition.

Part A:

cse study

Based on the given background of the mergers’ and acquisitions, ourfinance assignment writersanswer the question that is asked. As you can see, a scenario is given. After reading it thoroughly, you need to provide professional advice to potential clients.

See the question that has been asked below:

financial advisor

To answer the question that has been asked, ourfinance assignment helpexperts choose two acquisitions. One of these companies acquire the other and the announcements were between 1st January 2010.

While choosing these companies, we take care of the following points:

  1. Information about the acquirer and its target on ASX
  2. When was the announcement made
  3. The price that was offered in the announcement
  4. The stock prices of both the chosen companies.

In addition to this, our professionalfinance assignment writersalso define the premium offer that the acquirer paid to the target company per share of stock.

This is the formula that we used.

Offer Premium

Coming to the next question,

Question 2 finance

Here, we calculate the abnormal long-term stock returns. Using the all ordinaries index, ourfinance assignment helpexperts calculate the 3-year holding period return.

This brings an end to Part A. let us proceed to part B now.

Part B:

Part B

Part B is designed to test your understanding of corporate financial policy and with the help of empirical studies, compare and contrast it with stock returns.

In 1200 words, ourfinance assignment helpexperts conduct an extensive review of credible financial academic resource and back up the argument that they present in this assignment.

This is just a brief overview of both the parts of theMPF753 finance assignments. If you want us to guide you with the entire solution of this file or any other similar kind of file, then you just need to submit all the requirements to us. We would be happy to provide you with the reference assignment solution for this.

Points To Consider While Drafting MPF752 Mergers’ And Acquisition Case Study Assessment Answer

Any case study that you attempt under this unit has some fixed elements that provide credibility to the solutions. Ourfinance assignment writersmake it a point to satisfy all of these. This is what enables us to help students with the solutions that provide them with top-notch grades in their assignments.

Therefore, have a look at these points and make sure that the solution that you draft for different finance case studies include them:

  1. There must be a use of several financial tools and techniques for analysing the case studies
  2. Online financial databases must be incorporated into the solutions
  3. Electronic spreadsheets must portray financial data in a well-structured and organised way

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With the help of this blog, you must have got an idea about the complexities that these financial case studies entail. Just like this case study, there are several other kinds of case studies that are based on mergers’ and acquisitions. Over a decade now, ourfinance assignment helpexperts have been engaged in bringing out intricately-designed case study solutions for students that have fetched them top-notch grades.

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