Are you working on the written assignments? And wondering how and where to use hyphens? Well, you are at the right place, as we will guide you through all the answers here! Regardless of what course you are enrolled in, you cannot run away from the written assignments. And, when you spend all the time working on the presentations, written assignments can be a lot to handle for you. Now, you might be thinking that if you are well-spoken with a good vocabulary, you will not struggle when it comes to writing fluently. Although it can be a plus point, you will still face deductions if you are not following the grammar rules.

While listening about the compound words, you must have heard about the hyphens. But have you wondered what are the rules and how they work to form the compound words? If you want to make your assignment writing easier and error-free, you should know when to use hyphens. Remember that rules are not complicated; you just have to practice consistently to master them. Stay with us till the end to explore and discuss the hyphens in detail.

Learn About Hyphens and Their Accurate Usage

In layman's language, the hyphen is a mark that joins two words together or part of the words to form a new word. And it is not interchangeable with other common dashes. They are mainly used in the compound modifier, and when it comes before the word, it's modifying. When you are confused about whether a word has a hyphen, you should check the dictionary instead of assuming. Making assumptions can impact your grades. Without any further ado, let's see how and where to use hyphens and make your assignments error-free!

Hyphens With High And Low

Even while texting and writing things casually, you use words like happy-to-go, good-to-go or green-coloured and use hyphens. The first thing you need to know about hyphens is that when you are using the high or low as a compound modifier part, you need to use a hyphen when the compound comes before the word it is modifying. Example:

Incorrect: She bought a high-performance car.

Correct: She bought a high-performance car.

Incorrect: The budget for the project was low cost.

Correct: The budget for the project was low-cost.

Hyphens And Compound Words

Once you have clarity about when to use hyphens and what the right way to explain them is, you can spot the common mistakes seamlessly and make your assignments error-free. Basically, all hyphenated words are words with multiple terms that have hyphens in between them. Or hyphens between their compound words. Below are some of the examples you can check:




Foot-pound etc.

Closed Compound Words

Closed compound words are the ones with no space and no hyphens. And you can notice that all the hyphenated words are more likely to become closed compounds after some time. Therefore, to stay updated with the latest versions, you should check the dictionary before finalizing the words you are going to incorporate. If you need more clarity on this, it would be wise to get university assignment help. Below are some of the examples you can check out:

Full moon



Real estate, etc.

Open Compound Words

When the two nouns are used together to represent a single idea, they are named open compounds. Basically, open means there will be space between the words, but there is no need to add hyphens. However, all these words sound like they are being pronounced with the hyphens. Below are some of the examples you can check out for better understanding:

Close call

Common sense

Dining room

First aid

Cotton candy, etc.

Hyphens And Numbers

Apart from the hyperlinks, if you have concerns regarding any other grammatical thing, you can consult with an assignment expert to get all your answers. Now, you just have to keep in mind that all the numbers starting from twenty-one to ninety-nine must be hyphenated when you are spelling them out. Moreover, a simple fraction with one word, like half and quarter, also needs to be joined with hyphens. For example, one-third.

Using Hyphens With Prefixes And Suffixes

All the words beginning with prefixes need to be hyphenated. Like ex, all and self. The same goes for words that possess a prefix ending with a vowel and root words starting with a vowel. Additionally, use the hyphen when you are using prefixes to describe the family relation.





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After learning how and where to use hyphens, you can eliminate the common mistakes from your work and make it more accurate. Learning about the grammar rules together with the punctuation can consume a lot of time. Nevertheless, you can get better with practice and effort. And, if you are thinking that all these things are only important when you are in university, it is not true. Writing is a lifelong skill and can make your professional life easier for you. If you continue to make common mistakes in your professional life, you are going to ruin your impression.

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