A lot of students look for MN503 assessment answersand assignment help. I have received a lot of queries from the students seeking guidance in their Overview of inter-networking assignment. So I decided that it was perfect to share some of my knowledge with you all. Here is a quick guide to writing the MN503 assignment answersthat I adopt every time I am faced by such questions.

Task 1 - Understand The Assessment Purpose

Neither you have to hop on a bus nor you have to board a flight. So why are you in such a hurry to write the assignment as soon as you open the file? Before writing MN503 assignment answers, spend some time and read it word for word. You will be amazed at the information you are going to find in the assessment file. One task is to read and understand what is the purpose of this assessment. In a way, this part lays the foundation for what you are going to do in this MN503 assessment answers. For example, you are making network requirement analysis and plan, you need to present it in a report form. Now, a report will not be any good if you are not aware that you have to prepare a report. Even if you did, you would not be able to see that you have to analyse the current and future state of inter-networking infrastructure and report on its applications. If you are thinking that how do I know that this also has to be done in the report, read the purpose of assessment once before writing MN503 assignment answers.

Task 2 - Read the assignment description

And keep reading it again and again until and unless you totally understand each and every sentence. Why am I stressing this? Because, junior, if you do not read everything in the assignment description, there are chances that you are not going to give the complete solution to your professor. In MN503 assignment answers, you have a network layout of an educational firm having 5 departments. Make note, 5 departments. They are -

  • Manager
  • Consultants
  • Front desk
  • Finance
  • Guest

The diagram is this - The service requirements are -

  1. 5 departments with 5 networks. Only Manager and Consultants have all the access to the finance department and vice versa. However, the Front desk and guests do not have access to finance. Printing services are available to all the departments.
  2. Wireless access is available to all the hosts.
  3. IP network design.
  4. Hardware requirements with costs specification.
  5. Configuration details on the hardware (Routers and Switches)

This is what you need to do in MN503 assessment answers.

Prepare a report. The report should have a detailed explanation of the planning and designing of the network. Here are a few pointers that are going to aid you in preparing this report -

  1. Identify and include the project scope
  2. The requirements of the project should be identified
  3. Prepare a network design. Also, take into account the human factor design concepts
  4. IP addressing in a tabular form (include justification whenever necessary)
  5. Network topology diagram (Netsim is mandatory)

  • Switch configuration
  • Router configuration
  • Access point and server configuration guidelines
  • Security configuration

What points do you need to take care of while writing MN503 assignment answers?

When writing this report, make sure that the following points are completed and included in the report. I repeat, do include it in the report.

Project scope

Networking is a project. Every project has some implications and objectives. You have to identify that scope of the project and then explain it in a logical manner. Do not know how? Don’t worry, I can help you. You have to show critical thinking here and also use source literature to support your argument.

Project requirements

You cannot deliver a project out of thin air, right? There always will be some requirement that you need in order to complete the task that you have undertaken. Take an example of this assignment, this assessment file, secondary literature, and IT assignment helpexpert’s guidance, these all are requirements of this assignment. Anyway, the project requirements here will be some functional requirements and some will be non-functional requirements. To know what these are, send me a message. Here you need to use a good amount of source material which is reference properly.

Network design

Here you have to explain what the design approach of the network will be. You also have to consider human factor concepts. Human factors is an applied multi-disciplinary approach mostly concerned with the interaction of humans with their working (and living) environments (i.e. with providing solutions for a "good fit" of humans to their environments). Make sure that you include all the elements and integrate it correctly in the assignment answer.

IP addresses table

This part holds a lot of value. You have to prepare the table where you have mentioned the IP address table, the net-mask table and the various classes that you have used.

Network topology diagram

This diagram needs to include -

  • Switch configuration
  • Router configuration
  • DHCP configuration
  • Access point
  • Server configuration guidelines
  • Security configuration

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