It is believed that effective marketing is the cornerstone of the success story of every organisation. The scope of marketing management is huge, whether you need to study the applications of marketing for knowing the existing conditions of markets or to manage the marketeers or even your own business, marketing management allows you to do so.

This is why nowadaysMKG701 marketing managementhas become popular among the youth. AtMy Assignment Services, ourmarketing assignment helpexperts cover a lot of imperative concepts like theory and principles for planning, marketing environment, implementing and controlling the functions of marketing, marketing mix, consumer behaviour etc.

In this blog, we are going to talk about theunderdogs' case studyand see how to apply all the concepts of marketing management in it. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

MKG701 The Underdogs Case Study

One of our marketing management assignment help experts recently got a case study named “Pedigree adoption drive: The underdogs”. After analysing the case study, we are asked to answer four questions that were based on different important concepts of marketing management.

MKG701 underdogs' case study

This is the case study.

Let us now talk about each of the questions that ourmarketing management assignment helpexperts answered based on this case study. This assignment has to be written in 1000 words, which mean that each question has to be answered in 250 words.

Question 1

Discuss the market environment and thought process behind the strategic planning for developing the Pedigree marketing program by Mars Petcare.

To answer this, ourmarketing management assignment writersexplained themarket environmentthat Mars Petcare used for strategically planning Pedigree.

As per our experts, marketing environment is an amalgamation of both internal as well as the external factors that have an impact on the relationship of the organisation and its customers. Internal factors include owners, materials etc.

The external factors include micro and macro elements. The micro environment, also known as the task environment contains factors like distributing, producing and promoting the product. On the contrary, macro factors include 6 components which are:

  1. Demographic
  2. Socio-cultural
  3. Economic
  4. Political-legal
  5. Physical
  6. Technological

So, for this question, ourmarketing management assignment helpexperts analysed all these factors for Pedigree program and then talked about the thought that went behind this program.

Question 2

How could Mars Petcare leverage the Pedigree program to prove a financial return on marketing investment?

It is a well-known fact that one of the biggest challenges for marketing managers is to prove financial return on the investment that goes on marketing programs. In light of this information, our experts first statewhat is the return on investment (ROI).

It is a metric that is recognised in online marketing. With this, marketers measure how effective a specific marketing campaign is. The result is then evaluated based on the set marketing objectives for each organisation.

This way, ourmarketing management assignment helpexperts talk about various ways by which Mars Petcare can prove a financial return on her product.

Question 3

What might be the key factors influencing consumer decision making for the pet food category?

In the third question, the task is to highlight all those factors that impact consumer behaviour for the pet food category. Our writers considered various factors like location of the pet store, store reputation, variety of products, quality of products, price, discount offered, accessibility etc. Based on these key factors, we correlated it with Pedigree and answered this question.

Question 4

Discuss the pros and cons of such a social media-driven campaign.

The last question is based on the givenunderdogs' case study. ThePedigree adoption drive campaign, which is a social media that has been talked about in the case study has a lot of pros and cons. To know more about them, you can simply turn to ourmarketing management assignment helpexperts for guidance.

These four questions that we have discussed are centredaround various concepts of marketing and bind the given case study for a clearer understanding.

Vital Points To Remember In an MKG701 Marketing Management Assignment

Whatever assignment comes to you under MKG701, if your assignment satisfies the following aspects, then you will secure top-notch grades in them. This is why our experts make sure to incorporate them in the reference assignment solutions that we draft for students.

These are:

  1. An analysis and explanation of some complex theoretical concepts in marketing
  2. The assignment that you make must be able to evaluate a variety of processes like planning, implementation and monitoring a plethora of marketing functions in different organisations.
  3. As per ourmarketing management assignment writers, you must be able to critically apply the concepts in marketing management to the broad sphere of applications of marketing in the real world.

This is not only the case study which ourcase study assignment helpexperts have solved for students. There are several other similar kinds of case studies that have already been handled by us. So, if you require our guidance on any of the case studies that come underMKG701 Marketing management, then it is the perfect time to reach our experts.

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