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If you are a student looking forward to a prospective career in the marketing field, then you must be studying the MGT800 unit. In this unit, you need to write an assignment for a consulting report. This report will be in a fixed format and a structure. To aid you in this assignment writing process, here are marketing assignment help providers.

Writing the report

The report in this assignment is to be written in a format that is described below -

1. Cover page

The cover page will include the title of the report, the name of the subject and the organisation that you have selected.

For my MGT800 consulting report assignment, I selected the organisation Woolworths. Below the snapshot of what my cover page looked like.

Cover page

2. Table of contents

The best way to create a table of contents for the report is to select the option of the table of content from the insert menu. As you type in the report and use the heading tags, the table gets updated automatically. This eases the process a lot.

Below is a quick snapshot of my report’s table of contents.

Table of contents

As you can see, the table of contents has mention of the chapters as well as the subheadings in the chapters. This allows the professor to get an idea of what all you have talked about in this report.

3. Executive summary

Though this section is placed at the very beginning of the report, it is advised that you write this at the end.

In your executive summary, you have to mention what the report aims to do. Lay down all the research questions here, one or ten doesn't matter. You also have to briefly mention in a line what is the problem that you identified in the entire report and then what have you suggested to rectify them. In the end, your primary objective of the report will be mentioned.

Here is a snapshot of my report’s executive summary.

Executive summary


The introduction is the part where you talk about the company you have chosen and briefly discusses the background.

In my MGT800 consulting report, I talked about what Woolworths is, what does it offer and a brief history of the organisation. The aim of this section is to let the reader know a slight about the company you have studied in depth so that they may be on the same page with you.

Once discussed, you have to discuss the target audience of the company and who are the competitors of the organisation. For example, the primary competitors of Woolworths are Coles supermarket, Amazon and every other retail business. Also, the target audience of the business is the household segment of the market.

After that, you need to take a strategic analysis of the business. This strategic analysis will address the various marketing and quality management techniques that the business is using. Here is a screenshot so that you get an idea of what I am talking about.

strategic analysis

Where there is analysis, there is SWOT. You need to prepare a SWOT analysis of the organisation that you have chosen, in my case it was Woolworths. This was an internal analysis. You also have to prepare the external analysis. That is best done by PESTEL analysis. Talk about all the factors that are affecting the business one way or another.

What report is complete without a description of the products and services by the business. A snapshot of the section is below -

description of the products

The section goes on with a discussion of the supply chain analysis and the quality offered by the organisation. Then you need to discuss the quality challenges that you identified.

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