MBA600 Leadership and management of organisationsis a unit that has been designed for students who want to get into contemporary business organisations. By studying this unit, students are introduced to several leading thinkers who have been making use of influential theories and approaches in the vast domain of contemporary business.

The assignments that come to ourmanagement assignment helpexperts repeatedly mainly deal with technology, organisational styles, globalisation and innovation, and change. Using these concepts, our experts design comprehensive reference assignment solutions for them.

My Assignment Servicesis a one-stop destination where you can equip yourselves with the answers to all the queries related to different kinds of assignments. In this blog, we will be talking about amanagement reflective essay writing assessmentthat centers around the core topics inMBA600.

MBA600 Leadership And Management Of Organisations Assignment

Let us talk about the management capstone reflective essay writing assignment that has come to us recurrently in the last few days from students.

This assessment contributes 40% to the total marks for this unit. If you are already enrolled in MBA600, then in this, you are required to reflect upon whatever you have learned in any of the capstone subjects and assessments.

As per ourmanagement assignment writers, if you can identify the skills that you have developed, you will be able to write this reflection very easily. Reflecting upon how your skills, mindset, behavior, and attitude have changed over time, you need to complete drafting this reflection assignment.


For writing this reflection, ourmanagement assignment helpexperts cover various aspects in 2500-words, which include the following. We will discuss each of the sections later.

  1. The introduction
  2. Reflective capability and learning
  3. Personal reflection of the learning
  4. Conclusions
  5. References

Let us now talk about each of them in detail.

Format Of The MBA600 Reflective Essay Writing Assessment Answer

Just like any other type of essay, even a reflective essay is to be written in a five-paragraph essay format. Let us now see what are the things to be included in each of the paragraphs and how ourmanagement essay writing helpexperts do it.

The introduction

In the first paragraph, our experts give a brief overview of the entire essay and the issues that would be addressed in it. Taking instances from assessment 2, this reflective essay analyses the best business idea and the chances for its success. Improvements in the business model and cash flow related to the business idea are also talked about in the introductory paragraph.

Reflective capability and learning

To know the reflective capability of the organisation, ourmanagement assignment helpexperts give an overview of assessment 2 that was a business report aiming to deconstruct the existing business model in the organisation. Also, the idea of sustainability of business has been found out in this section. The chosen business idea is discussed on the grounds of several factors like economic, community, cost, etc.

Business model canvas has been emphasised in this section that helps us find the reflective capability of the organisation and based on that write the learning in the reflective essay. Here the four essentials of capstone skills are also discussed.

Personal reflection of the learning

Based on the reflective capability and the learning that has been demonstrated in the previous paragraph, this paragraph discusses your viewpoint of the learning. Ourmanagement assignment writershere talk about idea evaluation which gives readers a critical analysis of the chosen business idea. Here, all the merits and demerits will come to the surface.

Using personal life experiences and instances, evaluate the idea that has been discussed in the introduction. Then, we talk about idea selection. This gives a clear picture of the consultancy research process and thereby, gives solutions to the proposed problems in an organisation.

Next, we talk about the improvements that can enhance the productivity of the chosen business idea. At last, we recommend an alternative business model that is more feasible for the employees of the organisation.

Cash flow projection

In the next paragraph, ourmanagement assignment helpexperts discuss the flow of cash inside and outside the firm. This gives us data on the liquid assets of the organisation.

The table below will give you a brief idea of the cash flow projection that our experts have prepared:


Here, you can see the cash flow projection that helps us to keep a check on the expenses for our organisation. Reflecting upon all these data and information, ourmanagement assignment writersproceed towards the conclusion section of thismanagement reflective essay assessment answer.


In the last section of the essay, we highlight all the important findings of this essay. Using the context of the previous assessment, this reflective essay aims to depict the business idea in modern-day organisations. The chosen business ideas like co-working and my cube have been explained in the essay and how it affects the professional environment.

So, this brings an end to theMBA600 Capstone management reflective essay writing assessment answer. However, this solution is yet to be completed; only the vital aspects of this assignment have been explained here. If you require us to guide you with any section of this reflective essay, then you can straightaway come up to ourmanagement assignment helpexperts.

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