MBA501 dynamic strategy and disruptive innovationis a unit which helps a student gain knowledge about how different associations work internally. While studying this, students are given exposure to understand all the research and developmental techniques that are required to study the internal structure of the organisations.

The reason why these assessments are the most recurrent ones for a management student nowadays is that students have to analyse the structures critically and in turn, suggest ways of enhancing the innovative capacity of the firm.

In this blog, ourmanagement assignment helpexperts will talk more about theStakeholder analysis and strategy developmental report, which is the assignment that is rolled out to students mostly underMBA501 unit. Over a decade now,My Assignment Serviceshas never let any of the queries of students go unanswered. So, let us see how to write this report quickly and secure top-notch grades.

Stakeholder Analysis And Strategy Developmental Report

This is a 2500-word report that has to focus onhow Tesla Motors works internally. For this, the first and foremost step is to have a solid knowledge of the background of the company. As thisStakeholder analysis and strategy developmental reportcontribute 35% to the total marks, there is a lot of significance of this report. Therefore, ourmanagement assignment writerscarry out extensive research on the background of Tesla and draft reference reports for students. For this, they consider listening to theBBC interview with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, as this enables them to have in-depth information about the working of Tesla Motors at all levels.

Assessment Information

This report must have different sections, each separated by headings. Let us see how ourmanagement assignment helpexperts draft the reference report andwhat the various sections included in stakeholder analysis and strategy developmental report are.

The Format

To begin with, first, there has to be an executive summary that is like a reflection of the company. In this case, our experts mention all the minute details about Tesla Motors like where it is situated, details about the stakeholders, generic programs, vision and mission of the organisation and various other details that would help us to formulate strategies to enhance the innovative capacity of the firm.

Next comes the table of contents which have all that is included in the report.

Let us see what are the areas that this report focuses on.

1. Introduction

First, there has to be a brief introduction to Tesla Motors. As in this report, we would be talking about the internal working of Tesla, ourmanagement assignment helpexperts believe that elucidating this with the help of the vision and mission of the company is the best way to do so.

Then, in the introduction section, we talk about the recent developments that have taken place in the firm, all the challenges that the company has faced lately and all the trends going on in that industry.

In this section, the most essential aspect to include is a concise summary of all the imperative details about the firm after analysing the facts about the organisation.

2. Tesla stakeholder view of the organisation

In a systematic diagram, ourmanagement assignment writerspresent Tesla motors as the central figure that is surrounded by all the stakeholders of the company. This is known as the stakeholder view model.

Following is the schematic diagram that we have prepared for this reference assignment solution.

stakeholder view of the organisation

Further using this model, our experts conduct extensive research on every stakeholder who is in some way associated with Tesla Motors. Then, we formulate a list of all the potential ones and decide the best way to fulfil their requirements.

In this second part, the view of the stakeholders come to the surface, which enables ourmanagement experts to move further with the report.

3. Analysis of the selected group of stakeholders

Here, we choose four groups of stakeholders among all of them and give a complete analysis of their behaviour and motives related to the firm. For this assignment, we have chosen Tesla car owners, competitors, local suppliers and local communities.

This way we are able to present multiple characteristics of the stakeholders that help us to note the requirements of the company.

4. Identification of the stakeholders and generic strategic programs for them

Now that we have chosen four categories of stakeholders, it is time for us to identify and classify them. After we have identified them, it becomes easier for us to list the generic strategic programs for each of them.

5. Recommendations for new programs and the reasons for suggesting them

As per ourassignment helpexperts, this is the most important section of thestakeholder analysis and strategy developmental report. This is because here we state the reasons as to why we chose those generic strategic programs for the chosen set of stakeholders. This makes our report consistent and relevant to the present situation in Tesla.

6. Conclusion

In the last section, we present an overall view of how the internal working of Tesla has helped in reducing the carbon footprint on the environment. Talking and explaining this innovative approach by Tesla, our management assignment writers end this report.

With this, we also briefly talk about all the strategies that Tesla has taken with the help of its stakeholders that have impacted the environment.

Following this format, ourmanagement assignment helpexperts formulate comprehensive referencestakeholder analysis and strategy developmental reports. Though we have tried incorporating all the essential elements of the report in this blog, there are a lot of things that couldn’t be incorporated in this short blog. So, if you want us to give you a complete analysis of this report, then you can simply talk to our customer care executives. We will be happy to give you an articulate report for your reference.

Points To Consider Before You Write Your Stakeholder Analysis And Strategy Developmental Report

Writing the MBA501assignments requires a critical thinking ability, wherein students need to think of some out-of-the-box to depict the innovative capacity of any selected organisation and show how it has been able to achieve it. Hence, ourmanagement assignment helpexperts suggest students consider these points before they begin writing their own. So, make sure you also take care of these things:

  1. The developments that you choose to portray must not be very old. Also, the recent ones that you choose must be efficient enough to bring forth the developments that Tesla has achieved in this industry within the last few years.
  2. Make sure that the sources that you are using to extract information for your report are credible and academically-oriented books and articles. Apart from this, ourmanagement assignment writersalso make use of the industry reports, business magazines and authentic website of the concerned organisation. This lets us add more credibility to the report.
  3. We follow the report format, wherein the executive summary and table of contents do not add up to the word count.
  4. Our experts also use the concepts and terms that have been talked about in the workshops and seminars of the concerned universities.

Want Us To Help You Write BetterStakeholder Analysis And Strategy Developmental Reports?

You already know how important this assignment is for you when you are enrolled inMBA501. Owing to the complexities involved in this course, drafting aDynamic strategy and disruptive innovationreport writing assessment answeris not the cup of tea for every student.

So, why not let ourmanagement assignment helpexperts assist you with this? For more than a decade now,My Assignment Servicesis shining bright in this academic industry, providing high-quality reference assignment solutions to students all over the world. Contact us now and get rid of all your assignment-related perils!

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