MAA250is a unit that is released by the International Federation of Accountants. When a student is enrolled in this unit, he/she automatically starts appreciating the ethics that have been laid. Not only this, but it also becomes easier for them to apply and evaluate those in the sphere of decision-making in various disciplines like finance, accounting, and financial planning.

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In this blog, let us talk more aboutMAA250 Ethics for Financial Professionals.

Topics That Are Included In MAA250 Assignments

To know the assignments better, ourfinance assignment writersfirst emphasis on making the concepts and topics clear to students. The following are some of the most vital elements of these assignments which are a must to include in them.

  1. The nature of ethics
  2. Principles of corporate governance
  3. Personal and organisational ethical factors
  4. Corporate social responsibility
  5. Ethical theories and principles that are applicable to finance professionals
  6. Professional codes of ethics
  7. Workplace ethics
  8. Ethical decision-making models
  9. Ethical issues and conflicts of interest

So before you proceed with writing the solution for yourMAA250 assessment, make sure that you possess a decent knowledge in all of these topics. Now, ourfinance assignment helpexperts will take you further.

MAA250 Assessment Task 2 Case Study Analysis

Let us now proceed further to discussMAA250 assignment 2, which is afinance case study analysis assignment. You will be given a case study that you need to analyse and then apply all your knowledge about ethics to come to a wise decision-making process.

In the given case study, you will get a scenario where you have to apply all your knowledge regarding ethics and professionalism.

In a 2000-words assignment, you have to analyse the case as if you were a financial professional and how you would approach the problem that has been addressed in the case study. This report will contribute 20% to the overall marks for the unitMAA250.

After you have analysed the case, you need to answer six questions that are asked.

CBA's money laundering scam

These are theethics for financial professionals' case study. All the answers that you write have to be based on the theories and principles of ethics. Also,APES 110,FASEAand theBanking codeneed to be incorporated in the answers.

Let us see the questions now and how ourfinance assignment helpexperts answered them. In case, you are unclear with any aspects of these questions, you can easily get in touch with us to solve all your doubts.

Question 1

Factors affecting stakeholders

As per the given case study, Commonwealth Bank boss Ian Narev and acting boss of Austrac Peter Clark have been highlighted. Instances from the case study have been incorporated to substantiate the facts. And the stakeholders who have been impacted here are bank managers, employees, customers, etc.

Question 2

market competition and stakeholder expectations

In answer 2, ourfinance assignment helpexperts explain the concept of ethical relativism, legal positivism, legal moralism, and normative ethics to categorise the actions of the Directors, CEO, and the CFO.

In the second part, our experts underline the huge gap between the expectations of the stakeholders and the competition prevalent in the market.

Question 3

Kohlber's thoery

For answer 3, ourfinance assignment writersemphasised on Kohlberg’s theory of moral development which explores some of the basic questions that were developed by Lawrence Kohlberg. His work is an extension of the work of Jean Piaget that centered around moral reasoning.

As per Kohlberg, six stages are entailed between three different levels. It considers moral development to be a process that occurs throughout the lifespan. With the use of this theory, we categorise the actions of the board, the CEO and the CFO in the given case study.

Question 4

cultural and ethical standing of the bank

As per the given facts in the case study, the CEO mentions that it is important that the culture of the bank changes, however, it is difficult to do so.

Using all the knowledge of ethical boundaries, ourfinance assignment writerssuggest some ways to rectify it.

Question 5

Question- 5

In question 5, we think of several reasons which might have instigated CBA to agree for paying $700M without challenging it through the courts. In addition to this, we also stated the reasons as to why we think that the punishment was not sufficient for them.

Question 6

Coherence in baking codes

For the last question, ourfinance assignment helpexperts first go through the “Banking Code” and then apply codes like APES 110, FASEA, etc to support the fact that the bank has not adhered to the banking code.

Points That Are a Must InMAA250 Ethics For Financial Professionals Assessment Answer

For writing flawless finance assignments, certain points have to be kept in mind. This is because these are the essentials for MAA250 assignments.

Before you begin writing the assignments, make sure you are aware of these and incorporate them in your answer.

  1. You must use a variety of ethical theories, principles and decision-making models when you come to terms with ethical judgment in several financial scenarios.
  2. Your assignment must adhere to the responsibilities of financial professionals and also maintain a balance between the interests of the stakeholders.
  3. As per ourfinance assignment help experts, different perspectives like corporate and individual have to be incorporated when talking about ethics and professionalism in national and international settings.

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