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November 24, 2021
Author : Kristy

You will almost certainly be required to develop your own research question at some time throughout your degree. The research question identifies the topic or problem that will be the focus of your project. It also lays out the work you'll have to perform.

A good research question does not have a universal set of characteristics. Priorities and criteria fluctuate depending on the field. A decent research question for a history paper will be different from one for a biology study. Henceforth, you may want to know how to formulate a research question?

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Before jumping to this, you must know what a good research question, in general, should be like. Here is what you should know:

  • Focused and clear. To put it another way, the question should specify what the writer must accomplish.
  • It's not an easy question to answer. The question should elicit more than a simple yes or no response. There should be more to talk about.
  • It shouldn't be overly broad or too narrow. The duration of the question or problem you'll investigate should be appropriate. If the question is too wide, there's a chance you won't be able to respond fully inside the word limit. You wouldn't have enough content to write about if it's too narrow, and you'll have problems coming up with a persuasive argument if it's too broad.
  • It's not too tough to respond. Within the time limit and word count, you should be able to provide a comprehensive response to the topic.
  • Make your paper more analytical rather than descriptive. To put it another way, your study topic should allow you to undertake an analysis rather than simply stating a problem or issue.
  • Researchable. You'll have to rely on high-quality study materials like academic books and peer-reviewed publications.

How to Formulate a Research Question?

Identify the Requirements

It would help if you first determined the criteria of your task before designing a decent research topic.

What is the objective of this task? Is it to put a proposition to the test? Is it for the purpose of evaluating a set of data? Is it to make a case and defend it? Check the assignment guidelines and talk to your tutor or lecturer about the purpose.

Identifying the purpose will assist you in selecting the most relevant topic and phrasing your inquiry in the most effective manner.

Select a Topic

Have you been given a list of possible themes to choose from, or do you have the freedom to choose your own? Check the assignment instructions, and if you're still unsure, talk to your tutor or lecturer about the prerequisites.

The ideal strategy is to pick a topic that you're passionate about. If you're passionate about your subject, you'll put more time, effort, and originality into your study and writing. The more your enthusiasm, the more likely you are to write an assignment that will be enjoyable to read.

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Perform Your Primary Research

It's a good idea to read a few relevant academic sources before writing your inquiry. Restrict your research to recent publications and one or two influential works on the subject. The goal is to become familiar with the important disputes in academic writing on the subject.

Reading for the purpose of developing a research question differs from reading for the purpose of answering it. Concentrate on the important points and arguments (these are usually found in the introduction and the conclusion). You shouldn't need to read every word or jot down detailed notes at this point because you'll most likely return to the content later.

Narrow Down Your Topic

You should now be able to narrow down your topic after doing some basic investigation. You'll need to focus on a specific issue or discussion inside the larger topic most of the time. This is because covering a single issue or dimension of a topic in depth is far more successful than skimming the surface of several.

There are a few approaches you can take to limit down your topic:

  • Consider the various subtopics, unique issues, and important arguments that occur within the larger topic.
  • Consider the value of focusing on a certain period of time, a specific geographic region, a specific organisation, or a specific group of people.
  • Consider what you'd like to express in your assignment. What are the most important points and arguments you wish to make? Which subtopic, timetable, or another constraint would enable you to make these points most effectively?

Write Your Question

You can focus on the language of your research question now that you've narrowed down your topic. As previously said, the research topic must specify a specific task that you must fulfil. Bear in mind the aim of your assignment when deciding on the phrasing of your question, and please remember that the goal will vary from field to field.

Concluding Lines

An excellent research question, on the other hand, necessitates the analysis of a problem or issue. As a result, how and why inquiries are more useful than what and describe questions. Critique, dispute, examine, and evaluate are some other terms to consider.

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